Best Body Bootcamp Week 3: Beginning to Tri

And so Phase Two of Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp begins!


Once again, I had to flip workouts around in BBBC this week to fit my schedule. On Sunday, I tackled Friday’s Workout C, which involved endurance sets. I’ve done endurance set workouts before in a fitness class I took in college, so it wasn’t an entirely new concept to me. To be honest, I didn’t think the endurance sets were that bad on Sunday. Monday, however, was a different story. My entire body HURT. Though that made Monday less-than-awesome, I’m definitely glad I opted to do that workout on Sunday instead of Wednesday’s, which was my original plan, because breakdancing on that sore of muscles would’ve been a disaster.

Monday and Wednesday’s workout (which I did on Friday) involved timed sets, which I really liked. I tend to waste a lot of time when I’m strength training (2-3 minutes of rest has a tendency of turning into 5-7…or 7-9…), so having these timed sets both kept down the total time of my workout and kept me focused on the task at hand.

I danced on Tuesday, of course, and then on Thursday I subbed about 30ish minutes of swimming for the cardio interval workout. I’m hoping to do an indoor triathlon in a month or so, but I figured I should get a little bit of swim practice in before I tried to tackle this tri. Thank GOODNESS I did. You guys, I was a mess in the pool. I haven’t been swum laps since early June, and boy oh boy did it show. I did manage to get in five laps in a row, but that was swimming at what felt like the equivalent of running a 14:00/mile pace — aka not even resembling a slightly difficult speed. I didn’t keep super close track of my laps, but I’m pretty sure I swam a total of 14 or 15 laps, which isn’t awful. The bigger problem, however, is my form, or rather, my utter lack of form. I know I’m wasting a lot of energy in the way I breathe, stroke, and kick. Hopefully some of those issues will work themselves out in the coming weeks.

One issue that I know won’t work itself out, though, is my vision. I’ve worn glasses for the past 16 years (contacts for the past 11), and I can’t see for the life of me without them. I took my contacts out to swim on Thursday because even though I was wearing goggles, the last thing I wanted was to risk losing a contact. However, not wearing contacts mean I can’t see a darn thing, and that’s kind of problematic. In the water it’s all right, because for some reason the water bends light in a way that makes things more or less clear. I’m not underwater all the time, though — like when I’m walking from the locker room area to the pool area, for example. So yeah. Not entirely sure what to do about that whole situation, but I’m open to any and all suggestions.

I also did a “brick” on Friday just to make sure I could do it: biked for 10 minutes and followed that immediately by 10 minutes on the dreadmill. I wasn’t going as hard as I could on the bike, but my legs adjusted from biking to running a lot better than I expected them to, which was encouraging. As my tri gets closer, I plan to incorporate a few more bricks that more closely imitate what I’ll be up against at the indoor tri to continue to get a feel for it, but for the moment I’m not too worried about those aspects. I’ve really only got so much worry to go around, anyway, and right now that’s exclusively reserved for swimming troubles 😉


12 thoughts on “Best Body Bootcamp Week 3: Beginning to Tri

  1. I’m basically blind without contacts/glasses so when I swam a lot last summer, I’d wear my glasses out to the pool and then put them in their case by my lane. I never had any problem with them. Eventually, I was comfortable enough with my goggles that I started wearing my contacts while I swam which was a good idea considering I was planning on wearing them during the tri!

    • Yeah, I didn’t even consider that until you mentioned it — I don’t know if I’m going to want to mess around with taking my contacts out when I do the actual tri. Hmm. I like the glasses suggestion, though. I’ll probably give that a shot when I go swimming this week!

    • Those wall sits were ridiculous. I also had no idea how exactly I was supposed to do them for Workout C? Like if we were supposed to do a total of x amount of seconds or just do several sets with x amount of seconds…yeah. I just did sets of 60, 50, 60, 50, 60 and called it good. BRUTAL, though.

  2. bbbc was super tough this week for me! i don’t know about workout c – i had a super hard time with it during it though, unlike you lol. i also was super sore the next day – my long run on tuesday was a son of a bitch after that workout! i can’t believe that you go vision-less while swimming! i’d be slamming into walls left and right if i were you, i’m so impressed! i’ve heard of prescription goggles so maybe look into those? i don’t know but way to go on the brick! i have toyed with the idea of a triathlon but the damn swimming gets me every time.

    • Oh man, my respect for you just shot through the roof. I can’t imagine doing a long run after Workout C! I had a hard enough time just moving in general haha. And don’t worry: I definitely swam directly into the lane line about 25 seconds after I got in the pool. Hahaha. Nottttt my finest moment 😛

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