Thursday Things

1. Look world! I’m brave!


I went to the doctor for an annual physical yesterday and not only did I tell the doctor that I needed a booster shot instead of pretending like I was up to date on all my vaccines, but I didn’t faint when I got it! Hooray!

The highlight of the appointment for me, though, was definitely when the doctor listened to my heart and asked if I exercise regularly because my heart sounded strong 🙂 Good work, body!

2. I need running shoe advice. But first, my shoe history:

– I received a pair of Mizuno Wave Precision 11s in March 2011. I took them for a couple short runs before discovering that they made my toes bleed because the toe box was too narrow.
– I started running in June 2011 in Asics Gel Kanbarra 2s because they were what I had. Trained for and successfully ran my first 5K in these shoes with no problems.
– Since I wanted to become a Runner, I went to a specialty store to get fitted for shoes. Here I discovered that I overpronate and was put in Brooks Ravenna 2s. I lasted in them for about two runs before I started to have back pain.
– I went back to the specialty store, showed them my Asics and my Brooks, and was immediately told I never should’ve been put in the Ravennas in the first place. Got fitted for new shoes and ended up in New Balance 890s v1.
– I received a pair of Mizuno Wave Rider 16s half a size smaller than my normal running shoes in November and took them for a few short runs with no trouble. I had a little hip tightness after a four miler, but nothing out of the ordinary (I also hadn’t run four miles in quite some time).
– My 890s died over Christmas, so I went back to my specialty store and tried on 890s v2. I didn’t like the fit, so I tried on several different brands of shoes and ended up settling on Mizuno Wave Rider 15s because they felt more like the 890s v1 than anything else I tried.
– The 15s caused my Ravenna back injury to flare up, so I sent them back to the specialty store.

So now I don’t know what to do. I know overpronaters like me should have stability and that 890s are neutral, tra la la, but the stability in the Ravennas injured my back and scared me far, far away from stability. On the other hand, those 15s were pretty neutral, too, and they still messed with me…but the 16s haven’t (except for the fact that they’re half a size too small and make me worried that I’ll lose a toenail or 10). I don’t want to run in a minimalist shoe, but I did pretty well in the 890s from an injury standpoint. I had shin splints when I upped my mileage and my hips would get pretty tight on long long runs, but nothing major enough happened that I had to take time off running. Getting injured from running in the wrong pair of shoes has made me super, super paranoid about getting in the wrong shoes again. I could, I suppose, get another pair of Rider 16s (in the right size, since I’d be buying them this time, not having them unexpectedly gifted to me), because then I’d still have two pairs of the same shoes, which is something I want to make sure I have time to both get used to the shoe and have them get me through marathon training later this year. To be honest, though, I’m just ridiculously annoyed at New Balance for changing the 890s so much. I’m sure there are other running shoes out there that won’t hurt me, but the 890s were so good to me! I just want them back 😦

3. On Tuesday, my brother had a snow day, so, being the loving older sister that I am, I sent him an early morning text saying, “Hope this wakes you up. Happy snow day, lameo.” I guess he was already up, so my meanness was thwarted, but then he proceeded to tell me how they had to cancel school because the wind chills were in the negative teens. This bothered me. Now, I know we had snow/cold days when I was in high school, but with the advantage of real world hindsight, I’m starting to think snow days are a sign of weakness. Because here’s the thing: I had to walk two miles during my commute on Tuesday just like I always do. The fact that the wind chills were in the negative teens around here didn’t mean that I got to stay home and lounge around my pajamas all day because it was too cold to go outside. My brother countered this argument with, “Well, you don’t have 8 inches of snow,” which is true…but it wouldn’t have mattered if we did have eight inches of snow. I would’ve still had to go to work. And yeah, I’m not six years old (although neither is he), and my body can probably handle being out in the cold better than a small child…but I’m not immune to frostbite, either. And if I had a car and got into an accident because the roads were a disaster, I wouldn’t be immune to serious injury just because I’m a “grown up.” So why do kids–and even more so, teachers–get the day off when the weather sucks? Why do the rest of us have to go on with our lives regardless of whether it’s 100 or 0? I smell a double standard, particularly on the teacher count, and I do not approve.


I also may or may not be bitter that I don’t get snow days anymore, but that’s neither here nor there.

Have you ever fainted? I fainted once when I got a flu shot, which is why I can’t handle shots anymore. I also fainted when I got my ears pierced, which is why I have no intention of ever getting another piercing.
Any shoe recommendations and/or local Chicago shoe store suggestions? Preferably one with an excellent return policy, given my history with running shoes…

24 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. Hahaha love the then and now pictures. Luckily I still get snow days. For another year and a half. Then they’ll be gone and I’ll be sad. You’ve been through a LOT of shoes! Have you tried going to a place where they actually watch you run? Maybe even a podiatrist? Mine analyzed my feet when I went to have my toenails cut haha

    • Jealous! We never got snow days in college, except for once, and I was studying off-campus at the time. Granted, my off-campus program got a snow day, too, because got hit by the same snow storm, but still.

      Yeah, tell me about it. Haha. They watched me walk when they fitted me for Ravennas, but no one’s ever watched me run. I know a lot of stores around here do that, though, so I’m definitely going to check out a place that does.

  2. Have you tried Asics? Or some more neutral Brooks? I can’t stand Mizuno’s, personally. I’ve always worn Brooks or Asics. Also, your gait can change over time so it’s worth it to get re-evaluated. Universal Sole is a good place to go as they really know their stuff (that’s who fitted me after my injury). Unless you’ve already been there. Then I don’t have any suggestions.

    • I know I tried on some Asics and Brooks when I bought the Wave Riders, but I don’t remember what models they were. And then I ran in Asics originally, of course (and still hip hop/breakdance in those Asics 😉 ). I’ve only been to Universal Sole for packet pick-up for races, never for shoes, but I’ll definitely check them out. Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. See I dont mind shots at all, I actually love getting blood taken. i am a strange creature. I would say go with the wave riders. I know I may be biased with my Mizuno love but the thing is while they are neutral shoes they have great support. Like I run in them when normally I would go for a higher stability shoe in other brands. hope that helps lady!

    • Girl, you be crazy. The doctor told me she wants me to have my blood drawn eventually so they can know my baseline numbers and all that, and I was like “OMG NO. LET’S NEVER EVER DO THAT.” Haha. But since she knew my fear of needles, she said we could put it off for awhile.

      I mean, I really like the Rider 16s…or at the very least, they haven’t bugged me, so that’s a good enough reason in my eyes for me to really like them, aside from the whole being half a size too small thing. That’s why I don’t get why the Rider 15s messed with my back so much. Ugh.

  4. I COMPLETELY agree with the snow day thing…lame, lame, lame AND not preparing kids/young people for the real world where you are expected at work even when it’s cold and snowy! (And I don’t feel too bad saying this since i had one snow day in high school and was told to suck it up any other time we didn’t get them…and i turned out just fine 😉 ). As far as shoes go, I run in mizunos waverider 15 (i think), but I don’t know a ton about shoes in general…always been a person to kind of wing it with shoes and have been lucky so far. Maybe try a different running store and explain your situation?

    • Yeah, as of right now I don’t have much of a choice but to try a different running store, since my usual one isn’t in Chicago, and I, well, am. Haha. I don’t think I’d be nearly so paranoid if I hadn’t messed up my back from being in the wrong shoes once, you know? Scarred me for life, let me tell you.

  5. I second all of the above comments, gaits change all the time and it’s important to have them analyzed every so often. The Ravennas suck by the way! I totally blame them for my stress fracture last winter. Evil shoes! I swear by Brooks Adrenalines. They’re more neutral but have a little stability support and have always worked well for me. They are heavier than most mizunos though!

    • Haha yeahhhh, not the most enjoyable experience in the world. I recommend avoiding fainting whenever possible 😛 Have you ever gotten the FluMist? That’s what I do now. It leaves a funny taste in the back of your throat for like five minutes, but it’s way better than getting the shot, at least for me.

  6. Finding the right running shoe is tough! I still think I haven’t found the right ones for me but my latest choice is Brooks PureCadence. They are lightweight and amazing but I have flat feet so the minimal support in the shoe is not ideal for long distances. I also exclusively shop at Fleet Feet – they have the most flexible return policy around and are very accommodating and helpful. I’ve returned shoes that I ran in for two weeks straight with no problems.

  7. I blacked out when I got my upper ear pierced in highschool! No more piercings for me.

    Also once the doc had to grab the smelling salts when drawing my annual bloodwork – it was my fault though, I was curious and watching the whole process. Now I don’t pretend to be brave and tell the doc I need to close my eyes before the needle even comes into sight, and I’m a-ok 🙂

    • Feel ya on the piercings! I once had this dream that I was in the hospital for some reason or another and they had to pierce my ears for whatever I was in for…terrifying. Haha I don’t think I’d EVER want to watch the doctor take blood from me! Nooooooo thank you!

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