Best Body Bootcamp Week 2: Pushing Through

This week was a little interesting on the workout front.



I rearranged this week’s Best Body Bootcamp schedule because on Saturday, I thought I might have plans for this past Friday night and I wanted to make sure I still fit in my workouts for the week. As it turned out, my Friday night plans ended up being a hot date with Hulu, but I was definitely ready for a rest day, so it all worked out. I actually think there’s a decent chance I might keep up this Sunday afternoon workout thing to free up a night of my week. I didn’t used to have time to work out on Sunday afternoons, but now that I do it’s nice to use that time to complete a Best Body Bootcamp workout so that if something comes up later on in the week, I don’t have to get bent out of shape because I’m missing a workout. This upcoming week, for example, I have my annual physical one afternoon. I’m half expecting to get at least one shot, if not two, at this physical, and since shots make me faint, I imagine I will not want to work out when I get home from the doctor. So Sunday workouts it is!

We’re still on Phase One of Bootcamp, which means all of this week’s workouts looked a lot like last week’s. For the most part things went well, though I dealt with some really weird soreness throughout the week. My abs were screaming for most of Tuesday, which really surprised me given that there wasn’t a whole lot of ab work in Monday’s workout. Following that up with breakdancing on Tuesday didn’t help the ab situation at all, and I’m pretty sure I actually bruised myself doing freezes. Boo. Between Bootcamp and now taking two breakdancing classes, I pretty much haven’t felt 100% not-sore for over a week. Once my muscles get used to what I’m doing, I’m sure things will improve, but in the mean time it’s definitely a bit of a nuisance.

Tina had us doing controlled rep counts on two of the three strength training workouts for this phase, which meant we’d take a lot more time on a particular rep than usual (for example: contracting for six counts, holding for one, and then returning to normal for two, or vice versa [2-1-6 instead of 6-1-2]). I found that controlled counts were a bit easier for me this week than last, except on those darn tricep extensions. I struggled with tricep extensions during Round Three of Bootcamp and really thought things would improve in Round Four now that I have lighter dumbbells, but so far no luck. Someday I’ll conquer them…but that day is definitely not today haha.

One benefit of all this soreness is that it made me not particularly enthusiastic about doing, well, anything, so it was not at all hard to convince myself to get enough sleep this week. It’s definitely still a challenge to motivate myself to start getting ready for bed when I know I need to rather than putting it off until it’s too late for me to get enough sleep, but I’m getting a little better at it, and I guess that’s what really matters–progress, not perfection and all of that 🙂

Round Two starts next week! Not gonna lie: I haven’t opened the e-mail with all the information yet, but I’m excited to tackle some new challenges in the upcoming days!

6 thoughts on “Best Body Bootcamp Week 2: Pushing Through

  1. I was gonna say, maybe it’s the break dance that’s got your abs sore. That stuff is killer on the core. Vega has some nice Recovery Accerator stuff that I have found to reduce soreness after a workout if I have some pretty soon afterwards. Epsom Salt bath? Never had one but have heard good things. Honestly, having an excuse for a bath of any sort sounds good to me.

  2. round two kind of scares me, like a lot. I am with you, have been rearranging it to work better with my schedule. But I think that it is why it is so easy to stick with this because you can adjust and find what works. I love that you are doing it too!

    • Yeah, now that I’ve looked at this week’s plan I’m a little intimidated haha. I actually ended up doing Friday’s workout yesterday because I thought it stood a better chance of wiping my muscles out and I didn’t want to deal with a bunch of soreness when I go to breakdancing on Saturday. Turns out I was right! I hurt all over today from the workout scheduled for this week Friday. Boo.

  3. Way to be reworking your schedule! I’ve discovered that I love doing yoga or going for a run then too since it’s much more relaxing and I’m actually awake which is nice! Good luck with the shots! Fainting is no fun 😦

    • Haha tell me about it. Hopefully I’ll be able to get myself in a good mental place before I go and then I’ll be able to handle them. I did much better with my FluMist this year than last year (just seeing vials of vaccines makes me woozy haha. I’m a disaster), so maybe the shots won’t be so bad? I guess we’ll find out!

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