Best Body Bootcamp Week 1: Back At It

Here we go again!


I really enjoyed Round 3 of Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp, and since it’s definitely still the off-season as far as my running is concerned, I registered for Round 4 without any hesitation. I found Best Body Bootcamp to be a great program for me. I like following a schedule, I like having structure in my workout, and I like knowing that my workout was created by someone who knows what she’s doing. Though I originally didn’t like the amount of time it took to complete Best Body Bootcamp workouts, I got perfectly used to it by the end and now expect that part of my day to be dedicated to working out.

Because I knew I’d be too busy on Thursday to get a workout in, I started Round 4 a day early last Sunday. This round, Tina included a fitness test to give us all a tangible way to measure our progress if we choose to do so. After going through that on Sunday I jumped in with the first strength training workout of Phase One. I half-heartedly kept up my strength training between Round 3 and Round 4 of Bootcamp, so the workout was possibly not as hard as it could have been, but it certainly wasn’t easy, either!

One of my favorite things about the strength training workouts in this set is that instead of doing a straight 20 minutes of cardio intervals before or after the strength training, Tina had us do five-minute cardio workouts between sets of strength training. I do my strength training in my apartment but definitely do not have a treadmill or other sort of cardio machine in my place, so I pulled up a Zumba video on YouTube and danced for five minutes to get my cardio in. Let’s be real: Zumba is about 100x more entertaining than an elliptical anyway, so that was perfectly all right by me!

I got in a really great cardio workout on Monday on the stat bike, where I passed the time reading Heartsick for book club next week. Tuesday, of course, was full of hip hop and breakdancing on the workout front, and given the fact that Friday was the first morning I could get out of bed without some serious muscle stiffness, I’d say I got a pretty solid workout in during those classes.

I’ve chosen some different goals for this round of bootcamp: praying instead of worrying and getting 8 hours of sleep each night. While my Round 3 goals–stretching and making good food choices when away from home–were good for me and helped me form some good habits (especially stretching), they were also somewhat dependent upon my time. If I couldn’t get a workout in, I didn’t stretch, for example. Praying and sleeping, however, are things that contribute a lot to my overall health but aren’t entirely dependent on whether or not I have time to workout. It’s been a challenge to break my usual habits of worrying too much about things way, way beyond my control and staying up too late wasting time on Facebook or whatever instead of sleeping, but since I have Best Body Bootcamp holding me accountable, I really think there’s a good chance that I could break my usual habits and form some new, healthy ones in their place.

10 thoughts on “Best Body Bootcamp Week 1: Back At It

  1. I love these goals, girl! I think you are completely correct about them being essential/contributory to your overall health but not something you necessarily have to exercise to do. Great week of workouts πŸ™‚

  2. those are awesome goals and can i just say that doing zumba is a GREAT way to get cardio in?! i was debating doing workout c at home but i couldn’t think of a way to do the five minutes of cardio intervals besides using machines (let’s be honest – five minutes of high knees and butt kicks weren’t going to happen) and i love that you did it using zumba! i’ve never done zumba and i think the only way i could get myself to try would be trying it at home – i’m so nervous to go to a class because i feel like i’d look like such a moron. i don’t have your hip hop rhythm.

    • Hahaha yes, me and my hip hop rhythm. I can throw it down! (Lies. All lies). But yeah, zumba on YouTube was one of the better BBBC decisions I’ve made. I was originally brainstorming what I could do and I was like, well, maybe a minute each of burpees, high knees, butt kicks, jump squats, and jumping jacks? But then I was like HOLD ON. YOUTUBE EXISTS. Zumba! Hahaha.

  3. I really enjoy your new goals, I feel like for me it is about making those smaller habits whether it is mental or physical. I have to say, my arms are sore. Like real sore. Trying to do it with running is working which makes me super happy

    • For sure. I definitely feel like BBBC helped me make stretching post-ANY workout (instead of just post-run) a habit, and that’s a great great great habit for me to have, especially since my #1 goal this year is to stay uninjured. Hopefully I’ll be able to make this round’s goals new healthy habits as well!

      Feel ya on the sore arms. Mine can definitely feel Workout C today! I’m glad you’ve been able to fit running into all of this! That’s excellent news πŸ™‚

  4. I started BBB last week too, but this is my first time. Doing the Scorpion was killer and my form was lousy! But I still enjoyed the challenge. Not worrying is a great goal. My favorite verse is Ps. 46:10 “Be STILL and know that I am God.” and I need it often.

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