Thursday Things

1. This week I’ve been playing a really fun game called, “Let’s see how little sleep Bethany can get each night and still attempt to function at work the next day!” It’s been a blast. I’ve seen hours I hadn’t seen in ages. In fact, I believe the only early morning hour I haven’t seen over the past four nights is 5:00.


I’ve also learned lots of really cool things about myself, like that my body’s preferred method of letting me know how not-happy it is at the lack of rest is overwhelming nausea! Hooray! Always a good time.

I will own up to the fact that a couple of these sleepless nights have been my own fault. My roommate and I had friends over on Monday night that didn’t leave until 11:30, and while I knew I should go to bed by 10:30, I chose not to. I also consciously chose to be irresponsible on Tuesday night and stay out way, way past my bedtime because a certain hip hop classmate wanted to go out after graduation, and who was I to say no to that? However, I lay full blame on my body for refusing to fall asleep after I finally put myself to bed on Sunday and Tuesday nights. Come on, team. Let’s try to function as a unit, all right? I know you’ve got a lot going on, brain, but I promise we can overanalyze everything related to boys ever in the morning, okay?


2. Speaking of which, I have recently decided that for Christmas I’d like to be five years old again, because I’m starting to long for the days when boys had cooties and I was more concerned with avoiding them at recess so as to stay cootie-free than trying to use my girl-brain to interpret their boy-actions, which is a lot like trying to use a calculator to answer an essay question on an English exam (i.e.: useless).


My thoughts exactly.

3. And just a bit of a heads-up for those of you whose happiness depends on the regularity of my blog posting: Christmas break starts at noon for me today and runs through January 1. I’m sure there will be some blogging going on in there somewhere, but I can promise it won’t be on my usual Tuesday/Thursday/sometimes Saturday schedule, especially considering that I expect to be nowhere near a computer for the next two Tuesdays or next Thursday.

Are you one of those people who can function on little to no sleep? I’ve never understood you people. This girl needs her 7.5-8 hours.
Wonderfully exciting Christmas plans? I get to be home for more than three days, and I get to work at my favorite place on earth for a couple of days as well. Even though I’m definitely a morning person, I’m also looking forward to having the option to not get up early if I don’t want to for a few days. Bring on vacation!

17 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. Oh no! I hate not being able to sleep! That happens to me on occasion and it is certainly no fun. I hope you can get on a normal schedule once break starts! Sometimes for me it happens if I haven’t been eating enough iron. Taking melatonin usually helps for other restless days though!

  2. i can definitely function on about 6 – 6.5 hours since that’s what i get regularly, but anything less than that and i’m a mess. have an awesome break and though i will miss your regular blogging, i’m totally understanding of you wanting to take some time because i feel the same way! i’m hoping i’ll be distracted enough by being home that i won’t even want to read blog posts so i won’t be thrown into a fit of despair when my faves don’t post regularly 🙂

  3. Is this boy the dance partner? I’m so curious! Don’t even try to analyze them. They don’t really spend the time on their side, so just know that they’re responsible for being clear, and men have this thing about directness and always laugh when I tell them about my analysis at the start of things. That’s my 2 cents haha!

    I’m a big pain if I don’t get enough sleep. I’m an 8 hour girl otherwise I’m moody and unproductive. And staying up past 11PM is a challenge for me. I hope you get your rest during break!

    • Maaaaaaaybe 😉

      My best friend from college is a guy, and I know with him there is never any subtext to what he says. He says what he means, period. It’s hard for my girl-brain to deal with that sometimes and realize that everything he does doesn’t have a hidden agenda, but it’s definitely helped me understand boys a little bit. Now, if only this other boy could stop sending mixed messages…

    • Haha Tuesday was literally the first time in my life where I intentionally did something completely irresponsible and stupid (like, you know, staying out until 12:30 when I knew I had to be up at 6:30 the next morning for work…my bad). I’ve stayed out late before, but never when I had to be up early the next morning. All of my life I’ve always been Miss Follow The Rules, Miss Responsibility. Going 5 mph over the speed limit is honestly as reckless as I ever get. Not that following the rules is a bad thing, but being a goody two-shoes all the time because I’m too “mature” for what all those other twentysomethings do is lame and boring, and thus makes me lame and boring, and I don’t like being lame and boring.

  4. Interesting about the boys… does that pertain to the one who just happens to be a runner?? :P.

    I can function on 5-6 hours of sleep and lots of coffee but after a few days it really starts to wear on me. Ian and I have been staying up late watching tv this week and I’m exhausted. I actually thought yesterday was Thursday until I got in to my office. Whoops.

  5. I literally become a disheveled/delusion bafoon when I don’t get all my sleep. As my roommate likes to tell my parents “Madi’s in bed before I am and still sleeping when I get up”. No wonder my folks think I have no social life…

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