Best Body Bootcamp Week 7: Tabat-ow

Oh BABY did I feel the burn on this week of Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp!


Two of this week’s three strength training days included tabata workouts. I had never attempted any kind of tabata, let alone strength training tabatas, but they’re no joke. We started with an upper body tabata on Monday and oof. Though I suppose it’s possible I’ve gained some upper body strength over the course of the past seven weeks, it sure didn’t feel that way. My arms were absolutely screaming by the end of it all, and despite taking time to stretch after my workout, my arms were still sore on Tuesday.

Wednesday involved a lower body/core tabata, which at the time didn’t seem to be *quite* as awful as the upper body tabata. My legs can usually endure more than my arms in the strength training department, and though I saw lots of hate going around the Best Body Bootcamp bloggers towards the jump lunges, I actually didn’t mind them that much. Granted, I spent most of my time just trying to not fall flat on my face, so maybe I wasn’t getting their maximum benefit. Regardless, though the lower body/core tabata didn’t seem impossible at the time, I spent most of Thursday hobbling around like an old woman because my legs were SORE.

I got an awesome cardio workout in hip hop on Tuesday but opted for yoga on Thursday because the one bike in my building was occupied and I didn’t feel like ellipticalling or torturing myself on the treadmill. Considering the state of my muscles after Wednesday, I imagine yoga was a little more reasonable for me at the time anyway.

Speaking of my building, while I was in our workout room doing Wednesday’s HIIT cardio (because hey, why not kick us while we’re down? Tabatas + HIIT? Sounds great to me! Haha), I noticed that sometime in the past week our weights got an upgrade! We used to have a random assortment of mismatched free weights, but now we have a full set of dumbbells with weights from 5 lbs. to…a lot more than 5. I didn’t actually investigate, but I did throw a minor celebration whilst HIIT-ing. Now if only they could get another bike… (and an exercise ball. And a pool. But mostly the pool. That sounds reasonable, right? :p ).

I haven’t done Friday’s workout yet, though it looks just as killer as Monday’s and Tuesday’s. Even though this week has been a bit on the brutal side, I think this might be my favorite phase of boot camp yet. The workouts haven’t felt like a major time suck, I’ve stayed interested the whole time, and I do enjoy the hurts-so-good soreness the next day. One more week to go!

8 thoughts on “Best Body Bootcamp Week 7: Tabat-ow

  1. Tabata workouts sound so intense! I’ve never tried them but oh my lord I think I’d be dying the whole time!! Definitely wayyy different than running 🙂

    • Thanks! Yeah, definitely a huge fan of the weights. Now I might actually do strength training in our gym rather than in my place so I can do cool things like not always use the same weight for every exercise regardless of whether or not it’s the right weight for my level. Hooray!

    • I really liked Friday’s workout as well, especially since it only took 30 minutes. My biggest challenge with all of Best Body Bootcamp has been staying motivated through 45-60 minutes of working out (and finding time to get all of that in, especially when I have other things to do), so something like this was perfect for me. Honestly, I think this whole phase is the best one yet. I’m a big fan!

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