Best Body Bootcamp Week 5: Fitting It In

And just like that, I’m more than halfway through this round of Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp. Where has the time gone?

After my bout of stomach rebellion last week, it was great to be finally feel up to exercising again. Exercise has really become an integral part of my daily routine over the past couple of years, and while I am a very firm believer in the necessity and power of rest days, I also like getting my sweat on every afternoon.

Week 5 meant the beginning of Phase Three, so I was able to get acquainted with some new strength training and interval workouts. I didn’t get *quite* as acquainted with the plan as I might have liked, though, because once again I found myself with limited time throughout the week. Monday was no problem, and Tuesday I had hip-hop which of course I made time for, but working out just did not happen on Wednesday or Thursday (although I might argue that putting up with a wildly crowded bus en route to Union Station was a good enough workout for me on Wednesday 😉 ). I know Turkey Trots and early morning workouts tend to be common around this HLB circle of the Internet, but my traditional Thanksgiving schedule does not allow for such things. I did go bowling on Thanksgiving, though, if you want to count that as a workout!

Working out at home has been a little different than working out in my apartment. Neither I nor anyone in my family has ever had a gym membership–I don’t have one in Chicago, and I certainly don’t have one at home. While I’m usually able to make things work between my building’s equipment and my own, we don’t have quite as much exercise accessories available at home. That meant Friday’s strength training workout was significantly easier than it would have been if I had been in Chicago (whaddup, 5 lb. dumbbells). Friday’s plan also included an interval workout, and though I normally hate hate hate intervals on a treadmill, I’ve got to say listening to the Les Miserables soundtrack made the intervals much more bearable. I try to keep my singing along to my music to a minimum when I’m working out in my building, but I had no qualms about interpreting the music on the treadmill in my basement. One of my ultimate life dreams is to play Éponine in Les Mis, but I imagine my decided lack of acting and singing skills will keep this from ever happening. Until I’m able to fool a casting director into thinking I know what I’m doing, I’m happy enough to sing On My Own while stretching post-workout 😉

2 thoughts on “Best Body Bootcamp Week 5: Fitting It In

  1. I love it! I totally sing to musical music in the gym if I’m all alone!! Hahahha! I’m a huge Rent soundtrack fan. And, I always find intervals on the treadmill much more bearable than long runs on it. My brother got really into fitness and was showing us how to use coffee tables and chairs and ottomans as workout machines. It was really neat, and I bet you could google it and find some creative ways to do some of the exercises.

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