Pure Michigan

We’ve hit the home stretch, folks! Only one more weekend of travel before I can finally spend a Friday night in my own bed!

This past weekend was November Trip #3: My Family is More Talented Than Yours. Or, alternatively: November Trip #3: Let’s See How Much of Michigan Bethany Can Visit in Two Days.

In order to fully appreciate how bomb dot com my relatives are, I took Friday off and headed home [city #1] a day earlier than usual (as in, the past two weekends, since this whole travel thing has now become usual for me). First up for me on Friday: a much needed haircut [city #2]. It had been nine months since my last trim, so I was definitely overdue for some professional hair maintenance. After my haircut and a quick trip home to eat lunch/see my dog (who was less-than-enthusastic about my return, as it disturbed his beauty sleep. Meanie 😦 ), my mom and I headed out to meet up with one of my aunts and my grandma, after which all four of us went to visit my sister at her college [city #3]. After much weeping and gnashing of teeth, we finally met my sister at The Electric Cheetah for an early dinner.

The Electric Cheetah is a wonderfully foodie (and slightly hipster) establishment. My sister had been several times before and raved about it, so I was excited to have the opportunity to eat there. My stomach was feeling better-ish on Friday, though most of the food still seemed a bit too adventurous for me at the time (note to self: must return to The Electric Cheetah when not recovering from a strange bout of stomach rebellion). I ended up having their Hot Ham and Cheese sandwich, which featured ham, havarti, provolone, honey aioli, and mustard on a pretzel hoagie.


My favorite part about The Electric Cheetah, though, was their root beer list.


The Electric Cheetah has 40 craft root beers on hand, and though I’m not normally a pop drinker, I couldn’t say no to a craft root beer. As someone who doesn’t like alcohol, it was fun to have a huge drink list to choose from for once. It made me feel like a normal 21+ person! Haha. I ended up going with Wild Bill’s Root Beer, a Michigan root beer that was delightful.

My mom, grandma, and aunt took off after dinner to see my cousin’s musical while my sister and I went back to her apartment to get ready for her dance performance. Neither my sister nor I were raised dancers, so it was a lot of fun to see the results of everyone’s hard work at the show.

I spent the night with my sister and got up “early” (8:20…ha! Her roommate couldn’t believe that we were getting up so early on a Saturday; I couldn’t believe I’d be able to sleep in so late) to meet another aunt of mine and my uncle to travel to one of my cousin’s football games [city #4]. My cousin is on Central Michigan football’s team, and while his football career has not in any way followed the path we all expected when he signed with Central (mostly due to their completely inept head coach, who needs needs NEEDS to be fired after this year), it’s still fun to go up to the games, watch some football, and tailgate.

I was a good cousin and cheered for Central, even though nearly all season I’ve been rooting against them in hopes that another embarrassingly awful season will convince the powers that be to finally fire their coach. Shocker of all shockers, Central actually won their game on Saturday, which made the experience that much more fun though doesn’t bode well for the whole firing-the-coach situation.

Right after the game my aunt, uncle, football playing cousin, and I headed down to their town [city #5] to see their daughter/sister/my cousin’s musical (the same one the rest of my family had attended the night before). My musical cousin has a beautiful voice and her high school always puts on a great show, so that was a great way to spend my Saturday evening. The sunsets en route weren’t half bad, either.

Unfortunately, my stomach really started acting up after the musical. I slept the whole way home and went to bed as soon as we got back to my house [city #6] to deal with the nausea, and when I woke up on Sunday I felt 10 million times better. I’m happy to announce that Sunday was officially the first full 24 hours in nine days where I did not once feel like I was going to be sick. As I write this on Monday, I’m still feeling fine, which leads me to believe I might actually finally finally finally be better from whatever was ailing me last week. Hooray! Bring on Thanksgiving!

Brag on your family: do you have any wildly talented relatives?
Have you ever been to a restaurant with a unique non-alcoholic drink menu? Because I’d love to hear about it! It was fun to have lots of options for a change.

6 thoughts on “Pure Michigan

  1. I love really good root beer too! I’m always pleasantly surprised when restaurants (like Berghoff) happen to also make their own root beer. I’ve never seen such an extensive list though, if I’m ever in that part of Michigan I’ll have to check it out!

    I have a really smart cousin who married an equally smart girl (read biomedical engineering phd from Stanford) and now runs a start-up company in California. Yeah. That’s not fun for comparisons.

    Glad you’re feeling better (finally)!

  2. Busy trip! It’s always nice to do a family round-up trip though. I’ve got a brother really into fitness training and he’s a great artist and guitar player too. Very talented dude! The biggest non-alcoholic menu would be at a juice bar!

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