Thursday Things

1. Yesterday I had the chance to eat dinner at Bountiful Eatery with a bunch of fellow bloggers. At the time, my stomach was finally feeling up to eating real food, so I celebrated my first non-saltine cracker meal back to eating with a wonderful turkey spinach apple pita wrap.

I’m sure if I had been feeling better it would have tasted great, but unfortunately my brain and stomach were not communicating well, and though I thought I could finally eat real food, it turned out I was wrong. So now I’m back on my stellar saltines and chicken soup diet 😦 I just want to be able to eat, you guys. I’m so tired of consuming like two calories per day because that’s the most my stomach can handle. At this point, I don’t know if there’s actually something wrong with me or if it’s all in my head. My anxiety affects me in the same ways stomach bugs affect me, so it’s hard to tell if there’s something legitimately wrong with me or if it’s just my anxiety brain being all, “Wait, does my stomach feel off? I think my stomach feels off. Oh my gosh, my stomach feels off. I’m sick. I’m so, so sick. Here we go again. Oh my gosh, I’m dying. I’m literally dying.”

Anxiety friggin sucks, y’all, especially when it rears its ugly, stupid, controlling head at completely inconvenient and unacceptable times like this.

2. I don’t know what’s going on with the world lately. As you may recall, I spent 22 years with nothing resembling luck in the giveaway department until Chobani decided to remind me why they’re fabulous and chose me as one of their yogurt giveaway winners. On Monday night, I was lying in bed (as I discovered that “horizontal” was the only position I could be in without my stomach staging a rebellion) catching up on some blog reading and saw this:

WHAT?! How does this even happen? I won TWO giveaways in two weeks?

So now I apparently have a Daily Dose of Green box headed my way. Major thanks to Lauren for participating in the reversal of my giveaway luck 🙂

3. Since I know you’re all concerned, I’m making great progress on the NaNoWriMo front. A fringe benefit of my ridiculous life of travel is lots of Internet-free time, and since this girl can concentrate for about .2 seconds on anything computer related before being sucked into the void of Facebook, or, even worse, Pinterest, having a lot of time in a quiet train with just my computer, my thoughts, and scenery that isn’t even exciting anymore since I see it twice every. single. weekend. has been just what the writing doctor ordered. I told myself ahead of time that I would devote my entire train trip from the time I take my seat until we’re about five minutes from my destination to writing, and that’s done wonderful things for my productivity.

The greater fringe benefit of NaNoWriMo in general, however, has to be Fake NaNoWriMo Tips on Twitter. You guys. It’s SO GOOD.

Or, at the very least, it’s SO GOOD if you’re into writing humor. Admittedly, that might be a small segment of the population.

Tips or tricks for making my stomach feel better and/or shutting my anxiety brain up?
Any fun weekend plans?

8 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. I am sorry girl, it will only make you feel worse though if you don’t get in some nutrients. Try to do some liquid things like ensures or something. I swear it will help the healing. hang in there. oh and please send some luck my way. please and thank you

  2. Oh no! Feel better!! I second Alex’s comment, if you think you can stomach liquid meals, I’d definitely try them otherwise I’d go get it checked out.

    The last giveaway I won was four cans of diced tomatoes and I was so excited about it haha. I love Chili!

  3. Aww, man, I hope you’re tummy feels better. Ginger is what I always tell people. Get a really sensitive stomach when my anxiety kicks in too. I’ll be very frank here, not pushy sounding I hope, but most of my tummy troubles went away when I went vegan. I don’t know, honestly, which food subject was needed to be eliminated, but now dairy kills me if I eat any of it at all. Donno if that is helpful at all, but the diet lifestyle change even reduced the terrible tummy-ness of anxiety time. Otherwise, ginger 🙂

    • Thanks for the ideas! I have a hard time attributing my stomach trouble to anything I ate/have been eating since, well, I didn’t eat much of anything when I wasn’t feeling well and that didn’t make a difference. It’s interesting to hear that changing your diet helped your stomach when you’re anxious, though. That’s definitely intriguing!

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