Wedded Bliss

This past weekend was November Trip #2: Oh Look, Another Wedding.

This may make me a rotten friend, but if I’m being honest, I’m a bit burnt out on the wedding front. From the day I was born until June 1, 2012, I attended exactly two weddings. From June 2, 2012 to November 10, 2012, I attended five weddings. While this has enabled me to now provide an answer to the question, “What’s your favorite part of a wedding?” I kind of feel like I went from zero to 60 in two seconds as far as weddings go, and it’s a little exhausting. I’m happy for my friends, of course, and honored that they wanted me to share in their special day, but man am I glad that I’ve finally run out of close friends that are engaged.

In all my wedding attendance, I’ve noticed a lot of similarities–always the same vows, almost always 1 Corinthians 13 as the sermon passage, always the Pinterest-y photos-of-the-bride-and-groom-at-age-x table markers–so it’s nice to see the personal touches each couple puts on their wedding. This couple, for instance, chose their wedding day because it was Ohio State’s bye week (I’m not kidding. The bride’s family bleeds scarlet and grey, much to this U of M fan’s chagrin. The O-H-I-O moment at the reception was probably the low point of the evening for me =P ). The bride and groom also had their own table at the reception, which was a first for me this year.

For this wedding, the bride and groom set up a candy bar as their favor. Being the sweets-aholic that I am (and at the encouragement of the mother of the bride) I was sure to load up. This ended up not being the wisest thing I’ve ever done. Not only did I eat a ton of candy at the reception, which led to a serious junk food stomachache, but, since I apparently have the memory of a goldfish, also led to a pretty major candy binge on Sunday. That candy binge led to an even worse stomachache, which, as I write this on Monday evening, has yet to go away.

Realistically, I don’t think the candy alone is to blame for my stomach woes. I didn’t feel great on Friday night, which I blamed on my too-big dinner. I didn’t feel great on Saturday night, which I blamed on candy binge #1. I didn’t feel great on Sunday afternoon or evening, which I blamed on candy binge #2. Now that I’m significantly more than 24 hours out from all this candy consumption and still feel lousy, though, I’m beginning to wonder if something else is contributing to my tummy trouble. As such, I have expertly Internet-diagnosed myself with gastritis, mostly because I match two of the three symptoms listed by the National Library of Medicine, and everyone knows as long as you Internet-diagnose yourself from a website ending in .gov, it has to be accurate. I also considered diagnosing myself with a peptic ulcer since ibuprofen and I had no choice but to be BFFs if I planned to survive last week, but I’m not batting .667 on that symptom list, so I’m settling with gastritis. I don’t have a fever and generally don’t feel sick like I normally do when I’m legitimately sick, but my tummy (my actual tummy–anatomically speaking, all of my discomfort is in my stomach, not my intestines) hurts and my appetite is shot 😦 . I know I need to eat, since doing so is, you know, necessary for survival, but nothing sounds good, which makes the whole sitting down for a meal thing challenging. As you can imagine, this put a bit of a damper on my weekend/Monday. Here’s hoping that by the time this actually posts, I’ll be back to feeling normal, or at least not crummy. I’ll take either one at this point.

What’s something unique you’ve seen at a wedding?
If you had to pick, which would you prefer: being respiratory sick or stomach sick? I’d choose respiratory sick any day. I can function with a cold, and I can even marginally function with the flu. I’m a baby when it comes to stomach stuff, though. And at least I can eat when I have a cold 😦

18 thoughts on “Wedded Bliss

  1. Congrats on being done with the wedding tour! Hope you’re stomach feels better. When in doubt, I eat ginger and it seems to help stomach issues of all sorts.

    Unique thing I’ve seen at a wedding…. I’ve attended traditional Arabic weddings, a Jewish Christian Wedding, and a Christian Muslim ceremony with a neutral reception (half of my family is Arab). The most unique one was in the Swedish countryside and had 2 friends of the bride who played the role of host and hostess. They were on the job for about 3 days and guided us to all the right places, said just the right things, and even led us through a walking rehearsal so we could all enter the banquet hall of the castle it was in with grace and poise. It was quite the experience! So luxurious. The best part: the bride and groom made the cake themselves – a tiered base with individual cream puffs filling it with a crunchy caramel drizzle on each one. All from scratch. Loved it! Obviously I haven’t been tired out from weddings yet.

  2. I hope you’re feeling better by now!!

    I’ve only been to weddings of family members and I’m not sure I’ve seen anything too unique (my family is super Catholic so the weddings have been pretty similar). I did go to a lot of bar/bat mitzvahs back in my middle school days and quite a few of them featured candy bars. They were insane and I give the adults so much credit for dealing with a bunch of 12-13 year olds hopped up on sugar.

  3. Woo hoo! Now you can rest, right? Except for the rest of your traveling this month. But at least it isn’t to a wedding. I hope your tummy issues go away soon. Bummer to be sick so close to Thanksgiving, right?

    I’d like to think my wedding had some unique touches to it. We didn’t have an aisle, we greeted guests as they arrived, everyone stood in a semi-circle outside around us while we did our vows. We had our parents stand behind us during the ceremony and my step-dad, my mom, my dad and my husband’s mom all gave little speeches or read poems. And we had cheesecake as our wedding cake. Haven’t seen any of that at any of the other weddings I’ve been to!

    • I actually once got legitimately sick with the stomach flu (fever, throwing up, chills, aches: the whole nine yards) the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, which was absolutely awful. Worst Thanksgiving of my life. I’ll take this timing over that timing any day!

      Your wedding sounds really unique and really cool! That’s awesome that you had all those different touches to make it different. I really like that!

  4. I hope you feel better soon!

    I have not been to many weddings to see too much unique-ness! My sister is getting married next year though, and I bet she will have a lot of personal touches 🙂

  5. Hope you get better soon! When I have stomach issues I drink a lot of sparkling water. I havent been to a lot of wedding but the one unique thing that I saw at a wedding was a “Michigan/Greek” themed wedding. It was a Big Fat Greek wedding with amazing blue tablecloths and wolverine cookies.

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