Thursday Things

1. Is it almost time to switch back to Daylight Savings Time? While I do enjoy waking up to light, this whole dark-before-I-get-home-from-work thing is seriously throwing me off. I keep thinking it’s like 8:00 when I get home from work, when it certainly is not — it just looks that way. The fact that sunset is only going to get earlier and earlier from now until December makes me want to weep.

Actually, better idea. Instead of this whole Daylight Savings Time thing, can we just have summer all year round? Not from a temperature standpoint, of course, because goodness knows hot and humid is my least favorite kind of weather, but from a sunlight standpoint, summer would be fantastic. Well, maybe summer with a slightly later sunrise time, because I do enjoy seeing this before I leave for work:

2. I’ve been a writer since I learned how to write. Writing’s my “thing.” I used to be all about fiction, but college both murdered my imagination and introduced me to less-creative writing (journalism, academic papers, blogging…that sort of “Making things up not required and usually not even recommended” writing). Because writing’s my thing, I decided to finally stop being lazy and participate in NaNoWriMo this year (National Novel Writing Month, for the uninitiated).

I’m not officially participating in NaNoWriMo because I’m not following their rules (start writing a novel on November 1, finish writing your novel 50,000 words later on November 30). Instead, I’m using NaNoWriMo to work on a novel I started twoish months ago but had not touched once since September. I really just want to get my down draft–the first, exceptionally rough version of your story that you write for the exclusive purpose of getting your ideas down on paper–finished so I can go back and start editing.

But you guys. NaNoWriMo is only a week old, and I am struggling. I had my idea ahead of time, I started writing ahead of time, the only writing rule I’ve established for myself in this whole business is that I must write something each day, not necessarily 1,667 words per day (which has meant that on more than one occasion, I wrote one sentence and called it a day), I am cheating on the official rules up and down, but man. Even though I think I have a good general idea, writing this story is like pulling teeth. The cool thing about writing is that every now and again, a story will write itself. You as the author become the vehicle to tell the story, but you aren’t creating the story–the story creates itself. I have literally had my characters name each other (“Oh, okay, yeah, your girlfriend can be called Lacey. I’ve literally heard that name once in my life and never would’ve picked it, but whatever you say, brokenhearted boyfriend.”)  and get themselves into all sorts of trouble I never intended them to get into (“AUUUGHHH WHAT ARE YOU DOING?? You were NEVER supposed to cheat on your boyfriend! Stop it! Stop it right now!”).

This story that I’m working on right now, however, is not one of those stories. Not in the slightest. No matter how much I plead to my characters to tell me what they want, they refuse to give me any indication of where they expect me to take them. What’s your driving force, main character? I don’t know, Bethany. You’re the one writing this story. Isn’t that your job to come up with these things? NO. No it is not. Now start telling me what your main motivation is and what you want out of this craptastic situation I’ve put you in so I can figure out how to help you!


I’m very aware of the fact that if you’re not a writer and are reading this right now, you probably think I’ve completely lost it. But I promise: talk to any other writer and they’ll nod their heads in agreement with everything I’m saying here.

Anyway, the point of this huge long Thursday Thing is that I am riding shotgun on the writing struggle bus, and it’s super frustrating.

3. Wedding #5 of the year is coming up for me this weekend. Thus, I shall leave you with the most recent #myfriendsaremarried that have particularly struck a chord with me.

And one from Pinterest, as I learned last week that my first within-one-year-of-my-age friend to get married has officially won the procreation race and is pregnant, which means that it’s just a matter of time before they’re all pregnant.

And Heaven knows I don’t have the bank account to attend both baby AND wedding showers.

Who’s been to more weddings than I this year? I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that answer to that is “no one.”
What’s your “thing”? Writing, obviously. Although figuring out information might be my other “thing.” Of course, the fact that most people are Internet-stupid probably makes this less of a talent and more of a cautionary tale in why you should think twice before posting just about anything. See this for more:

16 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. holy cow that is a lot of wedding, a ton of weddings. man, my biggest thing would be that I would most likely be going dateless to all of them. ugh.. my life. I like daylight savings but feel the same way that coming home each night I feel like crashing by 9 pm. I do like the lighter mornings though. keep up on the writing front, it is always tough to stick with it

    • Oh girl, don’t fool yourself: I’ve flown/am flying solo to every single one of these weddings. I’ve had friends at all of them, but this perpetually single lady definitely does not have dates for any of the weddings. Just makes it even more enjoyable! /sarcasm

  2. Good luck with the writing flow. I understand your ramblings, but have never tried to write a novel, though it is a dream. You are a wedding attendee professional now it seems! Have fun on the next round!

    • Bahahaha right? I should advertise myself as a professional wedding attendee. “Worried your lack of a social network will make your wedding look lame? Never fear! Even though I’ve never met you, I’ll attend your wedding for the low, low price of $200 and cry at all the appropriate times! I’ll even buy you a present using that $200 you pay me!” Hahahahaha

      I’m so glad someone understands my writing ramblings. I did write a(n awful) novel a few years ago, so I know I can do it…I just need my muse to come hang out for the next three weeks + change so I can actually get it done.

      • Hahahahahahaha! I like that ad hahahaha! Go fall in love with someone new; that always gets creativity flowing right? ;P I like to listen to people at the cafe and hear their stories they’re telling others. That’s also a fun way to get inspired to write about people (and less dramatic than falling in love again!)

  3. Can I go to one of your friends weddings? None of mine are getting married yet and I’d love to go to one [emphasis on ONE I am too poor to attend 6 bridal showers].

    Personally I am loving the early morning sunlight but even that is going to fade soon. The short days are really depressing.

    • By all means. Wanna be my date for Saturday? I’ll split my dinner with you since I only RSVP-d for one. Fortunately I’ve managed to avoid most of the bridal showers–I’ve only been able to make it to two–but man, all this business gets expensive! For two weddings I went to the bridal shower AND bachelorette party AND wedding…aaauuuuugggggghhhh. Both of those weddings were also before I even started my job, so it was 2349823 times worse.

  4. In just over one year, I got married, my brother got married, my sister got married, and one of my best friends from high school got married. Then I had a slight break before it started again about two years later with my friends from college. Crazy! I think I’m finally done with weddings unless people start getting divorced and re-married.

    I don’t really do baby showers, though, so I have no advice there.

    • Man, your family must have loved that! Haha. Nothing like getting all of the wedded bliss out of the way in one fell swoop! :p
      I think after this weekend’s wedding I should be done for awhile. I can’t see any of my friends currently in relationships getting engaged soon enough to get married next summer…or at the very least, I can’t see five more of my friends getting engaged in time to get married next summer…so hopefully I’m in the clear for at least nine-twelve months. That’d be lovely.

  5. So good that you are trying NaNoWriMo even though you are struggling and following your own rules! I hope we get to hear more about your story.

    I am with you on how crazy late it feels since it is so much darker now!

    I think my thing is… running and blogging. Sigh. I need real hobbies.

  6. Sad fact, just counted the number of weddings I’ve attended this year = 6. And I still have one more to go to in a week. Between my boyfriend and I, we were invited to more than a dozen this year plus several bridal showers, bachelor/ette parties, and a baby shower. I usually don’t attend those because giving gifts for these festivities is costing me a fortune this year and I don’t want to travel the 4 hours (or more depending on location) to attend. So yes I am also a professional wedding attendee, but I tend to take too much advantage of the open bar and steal extra pieces of cake.
    I do love that Pinterest comic!

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