Best Body Bootcamp Week 2: Same but Harder

Week Two of Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp is officially in the books!

Week Two followed the exact same workout plan as Week One but added more reps on the strength training portion of things. The upped reps proved to be a bit of a challenge for me. I’m very limited in the equipment department–as in, I have two 10 lb. dumbbells, and that’s it–which made sets that involved 15 reps a little beyond me. I pushed through them, but rep #15 definitely did not look as pretty or go as far as rep #1 for me on a lot of the exercises we had to do.

I also started taking a hip hop class this week–I mean, obviously. I’m sure if you asked anyone who has ever met me to describe me in one word, the first word that would come to almost everyone’s mind is, “Swag-tastic.” Hahaha. Nottttt at all. Despite my distinct lack of swag and my even greater lack of dance training, I loved my first class. Everyone else in my class has taken dance classes before, but even though I’m the only complete rookie, I felt like I held my own relatively well. I also got an awesome cardio workout that was approximately 9329384 times more exciting than the elliptical or stationary bike. So, in summary: hip hop is all-around awesome, and my cool factor is definitely on the up and up 😉

On the goal front…well, yeah. Haha. I actually completely forgot to stretch on Thursday (see: yesterday’s post and the reference to teary workouts. Sometimes emotions get in the way of goal memory), but other than that I continued stretching. Healthy eating away from home, once again, could have been better (darn co-worker who brought in leftover cake from his daughter’s bat mitzvah…), but it also could have been worse, so there’s that. I am going to have MORE than enough chances to continue working on this as boot camp goes on.

Phase Two of boot camp starts next week, and my general reaction to seeing the workouts was one of sheer terror. Haha. The next couple of weeks are definitely going to be rough and push me even harder than the first two. It’ll be interesting to see how it goes!

10 thoughts on “Best Body Bootcamp Week 2: Same but Harder

  1. The hip hop does sound fun! And I’m glad it’s a fun cardio option for you. Like I said, before…it’s all about having fun and staying active so it works. Plus, the upped swag and cool is an extra bonus. 😉

    PS – on the goals…remember that it’s PROGRESS not perfection. So, focus on that and then keep doing what you can to progress further. You’re doing awesome.

  2. I am a huge fan of the hip hop class addition! Keep it up and suddenly you’ll be stealing attention at the clubs! I used to take hip hop for a few years and it greatly improved my public dancing confidence, and it’s just plain fun

    • And out of curiosity, where do you recommend for Chicago. I’ve been eying Flirty Girl Fitness, they seem to have some fun classes, but I’m finally, literally, back on my feet since my toe surgery almost a year and a half ago, and am dying to get back into dancing and am a semi-new Chicagoan.

      • Well, considering that so far I’ve taken all of one hip hop class ever in my entire life, I don’t know how much weight my recommendation carries, but Old Town School of Folk Music is doing the trick for me. I went there on the recommendation of someone else, and even though it’s not a gym/definitely doesn’t sound like a place that would have a legit hip hop class given the whole “Folk Music” thing in their title, so far it seems to be pretty great!

  3. Thanks! I actually think my friend was telling me about that place when she was learning singing or something, and that’s right by my work, cool. I’l have to check some places out. With winter coming (first real Chicago winter- they say last year wasn’t so much) I’m gonna need as many distractions as I can find!

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