Tuesday (wait, what?) Things

(Because Thursday is November 1, which means it’s Foodie Penpals day)

1. I made it to book club! Hooray! Instead of spending my Saturday at an event, I got to stuff my face with all sorts of variations on a theme of grain + squash and all sorts of other wonderful blogger-made food. Diana graciously let us take over her living space and even gave us a lovely little tour of Oak Park.

Don’t mind me, just dying of architecture lust over here. I’ve been to Oak Park a couple of times, and as far as suburbs go, it’s really pretty great. I have never liked suburbs:  their mind-numbing predictability and conspicuous consumption and ridiculously named subdivisions like Briar Thistle Wood or Stream Pond Cove kind of disgust me. (Seriously. Being a suburbanite has been my worst nightmare since I was like 12. Give me a house out in the boonies [childhood] or an apartment in the city [now], but good God, don’t ever try to convince me to buy a 2,500 sq. ft. cookie cutter home on Whispering Wind Way.) Oak Park, however, is distinctly not suburban, even though it’s *technically* a suburb, and therefore I found it cute and lovely rather than a tour de force of uncreative consumerism. Also, they had this mural:

which we all appreciated.

2. I bought T. Swift’s new CD, Red, last week. I’ve been a Taylor Swift fan since before she was cool (#countryhipster), and I always really enjoy her music right up until the point where it goes on the radio and is all anyone plays, so I’m still lovin’ on Red.


Can we all just stop pretending like Taylor Swift is still a country artist? Because y’all, Michigan Ave. is more country than her new CD. Red is 100% pop, and I’m totally fine with that as long as you’re not calling it country. I don’t need my country to be all Willie Nelson or Johnny Cash, but if you’re using more electric guitar than steel guitar, you can’t just throw on a pair of cowboy boots and call yourself country, even if that’s where you started. It’s okay to admit you’ve switched genres! No one new is going to disown you at this point for going mainstream. There are few things more musically frustrating than turning on my favorite country radio station and having to do a double take because the music sounds so poppy that it can’t possibly be country.

Don’t even get me started on Rascal Flatts. Gag.

3. I received a shocking e-mail from Chobani yesterday.

The only conclusion I can make from this is that everyone who entered must have won. You guys. I NEVER win things. I can’t even begin to count the number of giveaways I’ve entered in my life, but I can easily count the number of giveaways I’ve won: zero. The only time I ever “win” anything is when it’s one of those “Be one of the first 100,000 people to send us your address and we’ll send you a sticker!” sort of things.

I also have no idea what I’m going to do with all of this yogurt. My roommate is allergic to dairy products (and everything else under the sun. Her 42 allergies put the entire HLB community to shame), so it’s not like I can share with her. I just was so sure I wouldn’t win that the whole, “Wow, what on EARTH am I ever going to do with six 16 oz. containers of Chobani?” thing never even crossed my mind.

So…party at my place? I’ll provide the yogurt…you provide the appetites.

What’s your favorite music genre?
Have you ever won a giveaway or contest?

16 thoughts on “Tuesday (wait, what?) Things

  1. Can I come over? I haven’t bought greek yogurt in ages because it hasn’t been on sale and boy do I miss it. Jealous over here to say the least. That building is beautiful! I may get slapped but I hate taylor swift, sorry!

    • PLEASE DO. I will happily share 🙂 I actually haven’t bought Greek yogurt since the end of August (and ate the last one of those bunch I bought in mid-September) because it hasn’t been on sale for me either. Going from zero to 96 in one mailing is a little more than I expected, though, haha.

      No judgment here on your musical tastes! You’re allowed to like and dislike whoever you want 🙂 (Unless you like Carly Rae Jepsen, in which case judgment will definitely happen haha)

  2. Congrats on winning woohooo!!

    I love Taylor Swift which is totally random because I’m not that into music (I know, I suck) and rarely listen to the radio or anything. Actually, I only “listen” to music when I run and I’m pretty zoned out/half asleep for most of that time. Anyway, maybe a year or so ago Ian started referring to Taylor Swift as “my girl” because every time I’d hear one of her songs I’d always comment on how much I liked it and I don’t really do that. Totally random rant but you get the point, I also like Taylor Swift :P.

    • Thanks!

      I think you’re the only person I’ve ever known that’s not into music! SO fascinating! So when you drive (or, if you’re carless like me, when you used to drive), did you drive in silence? Although I guess there is other stuff on the radio than just music. But when I started driving was when I really, really started listening to the radio. Then again, I also lived in the middle of freakin nowhere, so it was about a 30 minute drive each way to get anywhere. Radio was a MUST.

  3. Congrats on winning!

    I like the new Taylor Swift song on the radio. It’s exciting that her new album is pop!

    Our suburban neighborhood is all the same… very dissapointing architectural style. but the city is not for me 😉 And luckily, we are in a weird pocket that is not very close to all the malls and strip malls. Yuck. It’s annoying that it takes awhile to get anywhere, but that’s okay.

    • Thank you!

      I agree — I think “Begin Again” is waaay better than “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” (not that that would take much…).

      Growing up it always took me a long time to get anywhere. It fascinates me when people would be like, “Oh yeah, it took me about 10 minutes to drive to high school when the traffic was bad. I’d have to fill up my gas tank like every two weeks.” That was NOT my experience at all! Haha.

  4. Hahahahaha! Good luck with the yogurt! Yogurt doesn’t really go bad as it’s a fermented food, and it’s great for baking with – use instead of milk for pancakes; it gives it that great buttermilk taste. I just stumbled upon your blog and think it’s great! Oak Park is adorable and I didn’t even realize it was a suburb when I went there. They even have a vegan restaurant (something I typically associate with bigger cities).

    • Thanks for the tip! I have a feeling there will be a lot of baked goods around my place in the coming weeks…haha.

      I completely agree that Oak Park seems so non-suburban even though it is. One of my good friends from childhood has an older sister who lives in Oak Park, and she (the sister) commented once when we were at her place that the reason she and her husband love Oak Park so much is that it feels like they’re in the city without being in the city. Definitely my kind of suburb!

  5. I love your description of suburb names. When I moved here (to the suburbs) I thought all the names sounded so snoody, like they must contain one of these words: Lake, Heights, Hills, Grove, Prospect, WTF.
    Chobani has not been on sale for a long time and I miss it. I refuse to pay regular price for it, but I am starting to get desperate.

    • Bahahaha right?? A couple weekends ago I was talking with some people, and one of them mentioned his neighborhood in Chicago. It’s one of those sub-neighborhoods within a larger community, so none of us had ever heard of it before, and one of us commented that its name sounded like a suburb. I was like, “Oh, no no, it couldn’t possibly be a suburb. For one thing, his neighborhood is only one word, not two, and if it were a real suburb it’d be named Park Forest Lake Woods or something like that.” Hahahaha.

      I KNOW! I always replenish my Chobani stock when I see it on sale at Jewel, and I haven’t bought any since late August which must mean it hasn’t been on sale for two months! What is this madness?? Although I guess it won’t be much of a problem for me anymore…haha.

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