Best Body Bootcamp Week #1: Still Alive!

Well, faithful followers, I have good news. Despite my expectations, I made it through the first week of Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp alive!

Bootcamp, so far, has been a really interesting experience. Pretty much since I started taking fitness seriously, and especially since I started being a long distance runner, I’ve been a somewhat exclusive person. I had cardio (i.e.: running) days and I had strength training days, but I never combined the two. I also usually limited my weekday workouts to 30ish minutes, maybe 50 minutes on 4 miler days if you started timing the second I left my apartment and stopped timing as soon as I got back to my apartment. I’ve also become very used to having two rest days a week: Friday and Sunday. In fact, I haven’t worked out on a Friday since I moved to Chicago.

That’s not the case with bootcamp. Three of our five planned workouts included both cardio and strength training (though I suppose you could argue that the other two also incorporated both cardio and strength training), which has meant when I wrapped up my cardio on those three days, I was only halfway done with my workout. I also had to work out on Friday this week, which, if I’m being honest, I hated. I could have moved Friday’s workout to Saturday, but I really wanted to do “Cardio of choice” on Saturday (i.e.: run). I’m sure by the end of things I won’t mind working out on Fridays–I’ve just gotten used to my schedule, and I didn’t like having that thrown off.

That being said, though, I feel like the five workouts I had this work were easily the best workouts I’ve had since I finished my butt-kicking fitness class during my last semester of college. Tina knows what she’s doing, and I really feel like I got in some solid full-body training all week.

As for my goals, I did good/awful. Haha. I did stretch after every workout, and I think that’s been great for me. In fact, I haven’t dealt with soreness or stiffness all week, which was a wonderful surprise. The whole “eating well while away from home” thing, though, could’ve gone much, much better. I’m not beating myself up over it, but I would like to work a little harder on this next week.

Next week looks a little tougher than this week, so we’ll see how that goes. I’ll keep ya posted!

12 thoughts on “Best Body Bootcamp Week #1: Still Alive!

  1. I will fully admit that I only did the strength training and not the interval training this week. It just didn’t work with my schedule. The hardest workout was workout B, I think. Workout C felt really easy and like I was missing something.

    • I totally agree. Workout B was BRUTAL. I think Workout C felt a little easier for me because of the straight sets instead of supersets…but I’ve also got to say that I really think I prefer supersets to straight sets. I like getting done with an exercise and knowing I won’t have to circle back to it later.

    • Do itttttttt. I was a little unsure of how everything would go, but even though it’s all online based I feel like having someone tell me what to do and hold me accountable to that really makes me motivated to work on things I’d normally choose to avoid (like legit strength training instead of the pansy bicep curls I usually do haha)

  2. I’m glad it’s been going well so far! I agree that doing a new schedule can be hard to get used to. Always remember though that the plan IS flexible.

    great work on the stretching. It’s crazy the difference it can make, huh? And stay committed to goal 2…you can do it!

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