Thursday Things

1. On Tuesday, we got a delivery of something or other at work. The packages had nothing to do with me, but the person who does need the contents won’t need them for a little while, so he left them in the hall with this sign:

Naturally, I’ve been sure to poke the boxes every single time I’ve walked past them. Mwahahaha. I’m obnoxious 🙂

2. Confession #1: Sometimes I accidentally end up on “Whatever happened to them?” social media stalking binges, where I shamelessly Facebook and/or Twitter stalk the crap out of people I went to high school with. Yesterday happened to be the birthday of this guy I had a serious crush on from sixth grade through high school graduation, so one thing led to another and all of a sudden I was caught up on all the Popular Kids’ lives.

Confession #2: Doing this gave me a serious superiority complex.

I know it’s not nice or fair or right of me to judge all these people who were The Stuff in high school for still living in my hometown, still hanging out exclusively with their high school friends, still working jobs that didn’t require a college degree…but I do. The Popular Kids never made my life particularly miserable in high school–they mostly ignored me, unless they needed me to tell them what happened in our AP English reading, ahem, boy I had a crush on from sixth grade to high school graduation–but I do feel like a certain bit of justice has been served, knowing most of those people peaked at the ripe age of 18 while I feel like I’m going places in life.

3. It’s book club week! Woohoo! I’m hoping that I’ll be able to go. On Monday, my boss was all, “Hey, can you go to this thing for all of Saturday afternoon?” and I was all, “Um…uh…but my friends!” Haha. So I don’t know what exactly is happening with that yet. Regardless, I finished the book of the month yesterday afternoon.


This book was definitely not the standard YA, fluffy, high school picture perfect romance story I tend to pick up. I can’t say I’d recommend reading parts of it during lunch, which I did, because it is graphic. Whew. It was a really engaging read, however, especially towards the end where the pace really picks up. I nearly missed my train and/or bus stops multiple times while reading because I was so caught up in the book. I really thought I had things figured out several times during the book, but Gillian Flynn totally threw me for an awesome loop at the end. I love endings like that.

Do you keep up with your former classmates through social media?
What’s the most gripping book you’ve recently read?

17 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. I’m guilty of Facebook stalking popular kids in high school. I was always the girl who people asked to get the answers from me in my AP classes. Hope to see you Saturday. I’m going I get out of work in time.

  2. I do that with facebook too. I Think not being a cool kid makes it more justified right? I meant if you weren’t cool in high school (ME) and you’re cooler now, I think you should feel good about it…

    YES book club!!! woot woot!! I will be sad if you can’t come…

    Also, that sign is amazing. I love how wrinkled it is. SO intimidating!

    • Bahahaha right? The double exclamation points and triple underline also add to its frightening qualities, I think.

      I’ll be at book club! Woohoo! Highlight of my month, obvs.

      And I completely agree. I mean, I feel good about being cooler now than I was when I was 17, so…

    • For sure. I mean, how can you not? If all that information is sitting right there, easy to find…I think it’s totally normal to be curious about people you used to know, and Facebook’s perfect for “catching up” with people you don’t really feel a need to actually rekindle a relationship with.

  3. man I want to read that book now! I am all into books like that and I have been looking for a new read. taking that down! those boxes would just be taunting me, seriously taunting me. oh please, I am going to bet there are many of us who are stalking feigns when it comes to high school people, you are not alone my friend!

    • You should definitely read it! It’s totally perfect for this time of year, too, given its creepy factor. And right? I mean, how are you supposed to NOT touch the boxes clearly labeled DO NOT TOUCH!! Haha. I’m not going to actually mess with them, of course, because that’d be mean…but completely not touching them? Out of the question. Hahaha

  4. I definitely facebook stalk from time to time. Did you hear how they might make stalking track-able so you can see who viewed your page. Not cool fb not cool at all! I need my stalking to be anonymous!

    You better come to book club!!

    • Augh what?! That’d be terrible! It’d also be pretty stupid for them to do, because let’s be real: who’s going to Facebook stalk if you know you’re going to get caught? And if you’re not going to go to someone’s profile, what’s the point of Facebook anyway? That’d be an excellent way to kill off their own product.

      I’ll be there! Yaaaaaay!

  5. I am super surprised about what has happened to my hs classmates too. Mostly that they all have a lot of kids and still live in the same place and hang out with the same people. But… I had no friends in hs. So what does that say about me? LOL!

    Hope you made it too book club!

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