Pinterest Party

I am, without question, a serious Pinterest addict. Though I primarily use Pinterest for recipe inspiration, I definitely spend a lot of my free time browsing the site for just about anything interesting. Needless to say, when one of my friends suggested we have a Pinterest Party last week, it took me about .00000000001 seconds to declare that the Best Idea Ever.

After much e-mailing and planning, we met up at Michaels on Saturday to get our crafty-craft supplies (because you can’t very well have a Pinterest Party without crafty-crafts) before heading back to my apartment to get to work. Project #1: Quotes on Canvas

Because Pinterest always makes things look about 23847 times easier than they actually are, especially for a visual-art challenged person like myself, my project didn’t look quite as nice as the original pin. They’re not completely awful, though, so I consider that to be a victory.

The biggest stressor with this project was figuring out what quote to put on my canvases. After looking through my quote board on Pinterest and realizing that nothing was short enough to fit on a small-ish canvas, I decided to use song lyrics instead. After much weeping and gnashing of teeth and a providential decision to listen to an old CD, I settled on the last lines from Be Thou My Vision, which has been my favorite hymn since I was eight or nine.

While we waited for the paint to dry on our crafty-craft, my friend and I got cracking on Projects #2 and 3: Basil Spaghetti with Cheesy Broiled Tomatoes and Guacamole Bruschetta. Since I had a race on Sunday, my only requirement for our Pinterest Party was that the food be heavy on the carbs, and these dishes definitely delivered. Both were absolutely heavenly.

While stuffing our faces with carbohydrates and healthy fats (olive oil + avocado = super food dinner of champions), we watched When Harry Met Sally, which admittedly had nothing to do with Pinterest but was awesome nevertheless. I’ve lived under a movie rock my entire life (seriously — you can name any movie, and I can almost guarantee I haven’t seen it) so I had, of course, never seen When Harry Met Sally, but I loved it, aside from the occasional terrifying parallels to my life. Over the past six months or so, my life has increasingly become more and more like a romantic comedy (minus the romance)–another post for another day–so watching an actual romantic comedy and being all, “DANG IT THAT’S REALLY HAPPENING TO ME” is not at all reassuring haha.

After the movie, we moved on to Project #4 of the night: Pumpkin Spice Puppy Chow. I didn’t snag a picture because I was too busy stuffing my face with it to be bothered with such nonsense but it. was. awesome. Everyone should go make it rightnow.

Basically, it was the best Saturday night ever. My friend and I hope to make this a somewhat regular occurrence, which I would be 100% all right with. Bring on the craftiness and awesome food!

Have you ever made anything you found on Pinterest?
Are you a movie buff, or have you seen approximately two movies in your life like me? (I have really seen more than two movies…but usually it doesn’t seem that way. Fortunately, that makes movie nights really easy, because whenever anyone asks if I’ve seen ____, nine times out of ten the answer is no haha).


19 thoughts on “Pinterest Party

  1. Welp, I’ll be singing Be Thou My Vision all day now. At least it’s a good song and not something awful by Lady Gaga, for instance. Which, actually, I don’t think could happen because I hope I don’t know anything by Lady Gaga.

  2. Last 4th of July my friends and I attempted to make the flag cake (i KNOW you know what I am talking about!) and it ended up falling apart (too many layers me thinks). So, instead of calling it a complete failure, we took the mini army men and American flag we used as table decorations, put them on our cake, and called it the last battle!

    • For sure! I found some of my favorite recipes on Pinterest! Truth be told I haven’t made half the stuff I’ve pinned, but recently I’ve gotten in the habit of making Pinterest like my always-accessible bookmark website. I used to bookmark recipes I really liked, but now when I see good recipes I just pin them so I can access them anywhere. So convenient!

  3. I’ve had a pinterest account for a long time but am just getting into it now! I’ve only really been using it to pin recipes but I should start getting into all of the other DIY stuff.

    When Harry Met Sally is one of my favorite movies!

  4. Your Saturday night sounds like a blast! I’m not a crafty person on my own, but give me a project and I’ll work on it with other people for sure. I do use Pinterest for recipes and to save outfit ideas.

    As for movies, there are A LOT I haven’t seen. But I have seen When Harry Met Sally. One of my favorites.

  5. what a great idea – I have so many things on mine that I want to make, want to do, and want to try when I have the time, but finding the time among school, teaching, and working and friends is hard – what a great way to balance something you want to do with your friends. love it

  6. What a fun idea for a party! I love the quotes canvas. I would have a hard time picking one out too.

    I have seen a lot of movies! We usually watch a movie instead of TV.

    • There’s so much pressure! Haha. I suppose the worst thing that could’ve happened would’ve been a could’ve chosen a quote that I liked in the moment, then decided I didn’t like it later and would’ve spent all of like $15 on a craft that I ended up not liking…there are definitely worse things in life haha.

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