Thursday Things

1. Once upon a time, about six and a half years ago, I bought a pair of brown shoes in Target. Though I didn’t actually wear these shoes until my freshman year of college, once I rediscovered them I wore them all. the. time. They have, admittedly, seen better days.

I am by no stretch of the imagination fashionable, but even I know it’s generally frowned upon to wear shoes with holes in the toes.

I figured it shouldn’t be too hard to find a similar pair of shoes, especially since it’s fall and brown is a fall-y color, but man, I can’t find anything. The brown shoes I’ve found online have either been too small, too large, or too expensive. I went to DSW on Saturday since there’s apparently one on State St. now, but I couldn’t find anything there, either. Surely, surely, there are brown shoes hiding out there somewhere. I just have no idea where that somewhere is.

2. Speaking of first world problems, I’ve got a serious issue with my hair. Namely, it won’t get clean. This isn’t entirely surprising or new. Since I started college, I’ve waged a nearly constant battle with my hair when I’m not at home. It has nothing to do with my shampoo: I’ve switched brands four times in four years and none of them, even the one I’ve used at home for ever and ever, even the one specifically designed to rid your hair of buildup, rinses out completely. I’ve tried using lots of shampoo, I’ve tried barely using any shampoo, I’ve tried not using shampoo at all and just using conditioner on the ends of my hair, I’ve tried rinsing my hair for a little while, I’ve tried rinsing my hair for five full minutes: nothing. Regardless of what I do, the shampoo will not come out of my hair, leaving me with technically-clean-but-feels-greasy-because-there’s-weeks-worth-of-leftover-shampoo-in-it hair. My mom has suggested that this might have to do with the relative softness of my shower water, because we soften our bathroom water at home. Obviously I’m not in control of my apartment building’s water supply, so there’s not much I can do for that, but you guys. This is driving me BONKERS. I can’t spend the next who knows how many years of my life before I own a home with permanently dirty hair. There has to be a way to solve this problem.

3. Yesterday, my boss came over to my desk after the mailman stopped by, because for the first time since I started working here, I got a letter! The letter came from an old roommate, and while I had been expecting a letter from her, I hadn’t expected her to send it to me at work. I was especially confused because the letter had initially been sent to my college address from last year. When I opened it, the first thing she wrote was a congratulations on my job offer. Since I’ve been here for three and a half months and received the offer for this job last November, I was now so confused. After a little more investigating, everything made sense:

She originally sent the letter at the end of last November! I’ve got to give props to my college mail center for both finding a letter they apparently lost almost a year ago and for passing that letter on to me. Why they sent it to work when I know the school has my apartment address is yet to be determined, but it definitely brightened my day 🙂

Help me! Where can I find shoes? And more importantly, how can I get my hair clean?
Have you ever received something totally unexpected in the mail?

18 thoughts on “Thursday Things

    • This comment worked! If you tried to comment on Tuesday nothing showed up. I don’t have anything in my spam queue either, so any Tuesday comment you may or may not have made got lost in cyberspace.

      Thanks for the link! I’ll definitely look into that, especially since that’s totally affordable. Goodness knows I’ll try just about anything at this point.

  1. My hair does that too! I used to switch shampoos/conditioners mid bottle to try and fix it (it only kinda worked). After trying a bunch of fancy shampoos I decided to try something dirt cheap and bought Head & Shoulders. Weird thing is, it’s worked the best on my hair and I rarely have build up anymore (knock on wood). It’s also a cheap option and Ian and I can share (ha!). Win-win!

    • I mean, I’m not glad you have the same problem since it’s a super annoying problem to have, but I’m SO GLAD I’m not the only person who deals with this! None of my friends in college ever seemed to have these problems, so I thought I was the only one in the world with un-clean-able hair. I’m definitely willing to give Head & Shoulders a whirl. Thanks for the idea!

  2. So, I don’t know which ones you’ve already tried and I don’t know what size you wear, but here’s some links to some brown sneaker type shoes (all under $50):

    I can do some more digging if you tell me your size.

    As for shampoo build up, have you tried the baking soda and vinegar method? I have several friends who swear by this.

  3. I really need some new work flats because a lot of mine are seriously worn out and terrible looking, but I can’t find good supportive shoes that I like and don’t feel like I am wasting my money on.
    And about the hair, I would try using a stripping shampoo. I used to have this problem and I’ve found that switching to a salon brand shampoo helped as well as working the shampoo into my scalp and making a good lather. You might already have tried that, but it helped me. I have pretty easy hair so I can’t complain at all.

    • Totally feel you. Haha I e-mailed my mom about my shoe dilemma, and I was all, “I do realize that just five days ago I was telling you that I would happily spend more than $100 on running shoes I know won’t last more than a year and now I’m telling you that I will not spend more than $50 on shoes that I hope will last me close to five, but try to look past that.” Hahaha.

      I’ve been using Rusk Clarify once a week for two years now and it hasn’t made any sort of difference (positive or negative), but if you know of any other brands that you’ve had success with, I’m all ears!

  4. Ive had this problem before too – Have you tried the Aussie, deep clean shampoo? it seems to do pretty good.

    And also, do you wash your hair everyday? I know sometimes washing your hair everyday is the cause of it – I know that sounds crazy too. But now, I go at least one or two days before washing mine again and I haven’t had that problem sense and I’ve found that my hair is easier to style. so could be soomething to try maybe? and for the inbetween days, I use a little baby powder to soak up any if at all greasiness.

    • I haven’t tried Aussie, but I’m willing to give it a go! Thanks for the idea!

      I actually don’t wash my hair daily. I’ve got pretty thin, fragile hair, so it can’t stand up to daily washing (on non-washing days I just condition the ends). I wonder if baby powder would just help my hair issues in general though…hmm. Things to try out!

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