Thursday Things

1. So Tuesday was kind of a big day around the ol’ blog:

I know talking about hit stats is about as positively viewed as writing an in-depth, number-heavy post about your body composition and daily caloric intake, so I’ll keep this brief, but I just about had a heart attack Tuesday afternoon when I saw that I had received enough hits in one hour to smash my previous busiest day record. It was that same sort of panicky, “Oh gosh, what have I done?!” feeling you get when you log on Facebook and see you have 239 notifications…because you posted pictures of something significant the night before, forgot about it, and came back to an exploded profile. Someone (I have no idea who) came across this recipe via Google earlier in the day, apparently posted it on Facebook, and all of a sudden I had more hits in one day than I received in any full month during the first year of this blog’s existence. So thank you, anonymous Facebook Googler, for showing my blog some serious love on Tuesday. I owe you one.

2. On Saturday, I had a follow-up appointment at the chiropractor to review the x-rays he took during my initial consultation. Behold! My spine:

Soo…that’s not normal. Though this was the first time I had eve seen an x-ray of my spine, I can’t say I was at all surprised. Throughout middle and high school, one doctor in particular would always tell me I had scoliosis during the annual physicals every athlete had to go through to play sports. I’ve also spent a lot of time being me and have noticed since high school that the right side of my torso goes in farther than the left side under my ribs. Since my spine is curvy, this makes perfect sense.

While it was cool to have my suspicions officially confirmed, I now have a host of other issues to deal with. The chiropractor, of course, says he can fix me, for the low, low price of I-definitely-can’t-afford-to-pay-that-monthly-let-alone-more-than-once-a-week. My insurance, of course, doesn’t cover it, because nothing says “broken and completely flawed in every way possible” quite like the American healthcare system, and the insurance I’ll be switching to at the end of the year doesn’t cover it, either. I am in no way opposed to alternative medicine–I’ve actually been somewhat leery of traditional medicine and pills and all that since I was a preteen and first learned about how the immune system functions–but I am definitely opposed to no longer being able to eat because it costs more to see the chiropractor than I generally spend on groceries.

My primary concern with all this back business–and really my primary concern with just about every life decision I’ve made since June 2011–is how this will affect my running, both now and in the future. The chiropractor says running on a back like this isn’t particularly sustainable in the long term, which makes sense. There’s a lot of pounding involved in running, and I can see why a crooked spine wouldn’t take too kindly to that. If he (or any other chiropractor) could actually straighten out my spine, I’d be all for that. I’ve done some poking around studies (like legit studies, not just Yahoo! Answers studies), though, and it doesn’t seem like there’s really a whole lot that can be done for curvy spines, period. Back braces sometimes help when a child’s growing…but not always. Inserting steel rods into someone’s back sometimes helps…but not always. Chiropractic care sometimes moves things in the direction of straight…but not always.

And just in case scoliosis wasn’t enough, my second-to-last vertebra thought it’d be a party and a half to tip too far forward, causing my hips to tilt forward (also something I’ve been aware of for years, thanks to mirrors everywhere) and putting extra stress on my already stressed-out lower back. Cool, bro. Thanks for the love.

Basically, the conclusion I’ve reached is that I just need a do-over in the spine department, so if anyone has a spare one lying around and a magic wand that can instantly and painlessly swap that nice, straight spine for my current, totally messed up one, feel free to let me know.

3. I have a bad-blogger confession to make:

I really, really hate pumpkin.

Now, don’t get me wrong: I love pumpkin flavored things. But let’s be real. What I like about those are the spices–cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg: sign me up. But when I, for example, attempted to make pumpkin oatmeal last week, I could barely choke half of it down before tossing it. This probably has a lot do with the fact that squash, along with brussels sprouts and beets, is (are) one (three) good-for-you food(s) I wholeheartedly despise. It was a somewhat unfortunate discovery to make, because I had hoped to bake many pumpkin-flavored things this fall. I suppose I actually am still baking many pumpkin-flavored things and more or less enjoying the end results (pumpkin oatmeal being the glaring exception to this), but I’m so wildly disgusted by the smell of pumpkin when I open a can that it’s been a serious struggle.

Seriously. My life is SO hard. 😉

Does anyone else have a jank-tastic back?
What cool, trendy, and/or seasonal foods do you wish you like, but don’t? I’m also DESPISE candy corn and all its nasty little offspring, like those God-forsaken pumpkins. Hate them, hate them, HATE. THEM. I had a very unfortunate incident at my preschool pumpkin carving involving too much candy corn and candy pumpkins and a night throwing up said candy corn/pumpkins, and it scarred me for life. On the bright side, this means I am never in any way tempted by any sort of candy corn display this time of year!

6 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. So I have a confession too. I don’t like pie. There seems to be a pie from every season… people get offended. It gets dirrrrty. Just don’t give me pie and it will be okay.

    • Hahaha I will not judge you for your lack of pie loving 🙂 I’ll definitely eat pie if it’s served to me, but it’s not something I’ll generally seek out…mostly because it rarely comes in chocolate varieties, and I am all about chocolate haha

  2. Sorry to hear about your back! Have you looked at the Chicago Institute of Natural Health? The naturopath I’ve been going to for my stomach issues is also a chiropractor and sees patients there. My old Michigan insurance wouldn’t cover my visits so he was giving me a discount ($40 off) and my new Illinois insurance does and it’s only $35 a visit. Obviously all insurances are different but if your back is bugging you it might be something to look into.

    I second what Emily said- I don’t like pie. I do however like crumble but not pie and especially not fruit pies.

    • Yeah, I know my new Illinois insurance will cover some chiropractic care in Chicago, though I’m not sure what my co-pay would be. Things to look into. The thing about the whole situation is that I’m not actually in pain at the moment, which makes people (i.e.: my parents) be like, well…why do you need treatment if you’re not in pain? Which makes sense. But I’d rather be preventative about it than wake up one day and not be able to move, you know? Rawr. Growing up makes life so complicated.

  3. ahhh congrats on all the views, thats such a great feeling!

    & I’m not crazy about pumpkin flavored things either – I mean in theory it always looks and sounds good, but it’s just not for me. I only will eat a slice of pumpkin pie on thanksgiving, and thats about my limit for pumpkin intake for the year!

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