Thursday Things

1. I’m in the midst of a ca-razy four days. Instead of sitting in an office all day like usual, I have to run all around this town. One could describe my personality as “a bit Type A,” so naturally yesterday I sat down and planned out my next 96 hours. I might have gone a little overboard.

I ❤ schedules.

In my (slight) defense, this originally began as an attempt to figure out when the heck I’d have time to go grocery shopping this week. I suppose it got a little out of control.

On the bright side, as I told my roommate, now I don’t have to think for the next four days.

2. I’m a rotten American. I didn’t watch the debate last night.


I really planned on watching it, but I had so much to do, and I figured I could either pretend to watch the debate while actually doing work, or just do my work (like, you know, write this blog post).

I’ve had my mind made up about who I’m voting for for quite some time, though, which is how I justify this to myself. I’m sure that’s not a good enough excuse for my grandma, who enjoys sending me political e-mails. She’s very passionate about voting and participating in the political process, which I think is awesome. We’re lucky enough to live in a place that lets us express our opinions through voting, and I firmly believe that everyone over 18 in this country has a civic duty to stay educated on politics and participate in the political process by voting every time there’s an election: not just once every four years.

And that’s as political as you’ll ever see me get on this blog 🙂

3. I had an interesting discussion/revelation on Sunday. My roommate and I were talking about trumpet case durability (obviously. You don’t discuss this with your roommates?) when the topic of body weight came up. My roommate, apparently, is one of those people who simply cannot put on weight, no matter what she does. As someone who simply cannot lose weight after my crazy awesome metabolism decided to throw in the towel at the ripe age of 14, no matter what I do, I got pretty jealous and I was sure to let her know.

As I rambled on and on about how I wished I could eat all day long and stay high school skinny, I realized how hypocritical I was. You see, while most of corporate America could work for 16 hours a day and still not get everything done, I spend about two and a half weeks of every month with absolutely nothing to do at work. I hate it. I hate getting up early and sitting on my butt all day to do nothing but Facebook, Pinterest, and read blogs. I can’t even vent about it to anyone because everyone thinks I’m so lucky for being so underwhelemed with work. Personally, I think everyone else is lucky for being able to leave work at the end of the day saying, “I accomplished something worthwhile today,” because let me tell you: finding 15 pumpkin recipes to pin is not worthwhile.

(This, btw, is not meant to be an “I hate my job” rant, because I don’t. I’m relatively busy for the other week and a half of each month, but, unfortunately, because of what I do, there’s no way to rework my monthly schedule to spread things out and stay relevant.)

Moral of the story:  Too little of something can leave a person just as frustrated as too much of something


I think it’s important to remember that just because someone else may seem to have a lot of great things going for them doesn’t mean there aren’t things in his/her life that he/she is unsatisfied with, and just because you’re jealous of __ in someone’s life doesn’t mean he/she isn’t jealous of __ in yours. Everyone has something they wish they could change about their lives, but at the same time, everyone has something (or multiple somethings) going for them, and it does all of us a lot more good to focus on what we have going for us rather than things we can’t change.

So there’s your little piece of wisdom for the weekend.

Are you a scheduler?
Do you make a point of being politically active, or is that not high on your priority list?
Instead of talking about what we wish we had, let’s talk about what we’re grateful we have: I’m grateful that I have a job, period. There are too many without one.

9 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. weirdly enough i think most jobs are like that-sometimes your super busy and sometimes there is literaly NOTHING to do. those are the worst in my opinion- can you imagine what it was like being bored at work with nothing to do before they had computers?!

    • Gahhhhhhh that would’ve been awful. I think I would literally have gone to work, stared at the clock for eight hours, and left if I worked in pre-computer days.

      I also think I have a warped idea of what normal workloads are like since I was Miss Involved in college (full load of classes? Sure, let me add seven extracurriculars to that because I hate free time! …I’m not exaggerating, either haha) and generally the people who ask me about my week are pharmacology or med school students so they definitely have a different workday experience than me haha.

  2. I LOVE the fact that you scheduled the next 96 hours down to practically the minute. I do that when I have to go to conferences for work. People make fun of me but I need to know where to be when!

    I feel the same way about my job. I find that I’m really bad at finding things to do for myself. If someone hands me a job to do I’m all about it. But taking the initiative and starting something on my own? Blech. Unless it’s a blog post.

  3. I agree with both Kelsey and Erin said- some days at work I’m super busy and other days are relatively slow. I always have a few day-to-day type of things to do but I don’t get a huge sense of accomplishment every day of the week (I wish I did though!).

  4. I’ll be honest – I didn’t watch the debate and I didn’t intend to… 1) I don’t have a TV (not a good excuse) and 2) I’m just soooo not into politics. Which is very weird because I’m in law school, but it’s one of those things that sounds like jibberish to me and I just don’t get half of what they are talking about. I need Politics for Dummies. #shameful

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