Long Weekend

Last Thursday morning, my boss came over to a co-worker and me.

“Do you guys have a lot going on tomorrow?”

Since the answer to that question tends to be, “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA no. Not in any way,” for me, I said something along the lines of, “Not really.”

“Great. Take the day off, then.”

I found myself with a full 24 hours to do whatever I wanted! This hasn’t happened to me while living in Chicago since the few days I had between moving and starting my job–even on weekends there’s always somethingI have planned to do. So, naturally I did what most fun-loving 20-somethings do on Day One of a three day weekend: I ran errands like it was my job.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a more productive day. I had a to do list so long it made two full columns on a Post-It note, and I crossed every single thing off the list. I had time to go to the post office, time to go to the bank, time to grocery shop at a leisurely pace rather than my usual Super Crazy Warp Speed, and time to go to Home Depot to find my latest floracide (is that a word?) victims:

Behold! I have house plants. My living room is tragically dull and I thought it could use some color, so I bought plants. This was a bold move on my part, especially since I have a long record of being a plant murderer. In my time, I’ve killed two African violets, a spider plant, and a cactus. A cactus. How do you even kill a cactus?

These plants were suspiciously labeled “Foliage,” which isn’t even a real name for a plant and definitely was not on any of the top 10 lists of Plants That Are Hard to Kill, which I diligently researched before my Home Depot trip. If they make it to Halloween, I’ll be happy. Regardless, I only paid about $3 for each plant, so it’s not like I’ll be too distraught over my lost money if they bite the dust.

After one of my errands on Friday, I came home and found a package in my apartment.

New sunglasses! Hooray!

I bought these sunglasses through Kembrel, which is a site similar to HauteLook or RueLaLa in that they sell items from relatively well-known brands at extremely discounted prices. I don’t buy a whole lot through any of these sites, because even when a $300 necklace is marked down 50%, that’s still $150 I don’t really have to throw away on a necklace, you know?

The retail price for these sunglasses was $145, which is about $120 more than I would ever consider spending on sunglasses. Kembrel originally marked them down to $49 — not bad, but still way out of my price range.

However, last week Kembrel had a fall sale where everything in the store was 40% off. These sunglasses had already been put on the $29 sale, which combined with the 40% of sale, meant I got them for the low, low price of:


I mean, how do you say no to paying $17.40 for a $145 pair of sunglasses? Also, shoutout to Kembrel for their bomb customer service. I had a couple issues with my order, and their reps took care of everything quickly and without making me want to pull my hair out. Given my past customer service experiences, this is a pretty significant deal.

Because I ran all my errands on Friday, I was actually pretty bored on Saturday. I ran a so-so four miler, I went to the chiropractor to finally cash in on the deal I got at the Chicago Triathlon expo, and I had a soccer game (we lost. Again.), but in my downtime I had no idea what to do with myself haha.

Sunday, however, was wonderful. I visited a friend’s church in the morning and then headed to Erin’s for our monthly book club!

From the top left, going clockwise: Emily, Lindsay, me, Christina, Diana, Jeni, Alyssa, Katie, Sierra, and Erin.

(photo courtesy of Kelsey)

I really love hanging out with these ladies. I love the conversation, I love meeting the first-time-at-book-club bloggers and reconnecting with those I had already met, and most of all, I LOVE the food. Scones and empanadas and cookies and breakfast pizza…it was all heavenly. Everyone should be a blogger solely so they can experience blogger meet-ups with blogger cooking 😉

Highlight of your weekend?
What’s the best deal you’ve ever found on clothing or accessories? I got a $50 purse for $15 from HauteLook last year and once got a $50 sweater for $10 at Macy’s, but these sunglasses definitely take the cake.

6 thoughts on “Long Weekend

  1. I bought a pair of courderoys for $7 at Urban Outfitters last year. They were marked down from $150ish (who pays that much for pants?) and I was sooo happy! Granted they’re super long but I can easily stuff the ends in boots or you know one day actually get them hemmed. Either way they were only $7!!

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