Birthday Take Two

Though my actual birthday was last Tuesday, this past weekend I got to do it all over again with my family. Going home on Friday was a real pain because it meant I had to take all my things with me to the office and then haul them all to Union Station after work. However, going home on Friday also meant that I would be home for Saturday breakfast, which, in addition to Sunday dinner (our noontime meal, not our evening meal on Sundays…that’s Sunday supper), is my favorite meal to be home for. With the exception of particularly early Saturday mornings courtesy of AYSO soccer or, later in life, my job as a waitress, every Saturday morning at my house features either pancakes, waffles, French toast, or aebelskivers. Aebelskivers were on the menu this past Saturday, which made me very happy.


For those of you who do not have any Danish heritage, aebelskivers are Danish pancakes. Instead of pouring batter onto a frying pan, you pour it into a special pan (an aebelskiver pan) that forms balls instead of cakes. They taste kind of like pancakes, but 100x better–a pretty significant statement coming from a dedicated pancake lover like myself. In my family, we eat them with powdered sugar, syrup, or jelly/jam. They may not exactly be the healthiest thing ever, but MAN are they good.

Also, when debating the pros and cons of buying frozen waffles at Trader Joe’s two weeks ago, I discovered that Trader Joe’s sells frozen aebelskivers. I legitimately celebrated in the middle of the store. I’m sure they’re severely inferior to my dad’s aebelskivers, but aebelskiver-pan-less beggars like myself can’t be choosers. I haven’t bought them yet, but someday when I’ve got leftover grocery money, you better believe they will be in my basket.

I also took this discovery as further confirmation that Trader Joe’s is my grocery destiny. Between the wonderfully Dutch speculoos (cookie butter) and stroopwafles and the Danish aebelskivers, I’m in heritage heaven.


After breakfast, the whole crew piled in the car for a trip into town to a certain store, where I got…

…a brand new iPhone 5!…



At long, long last, my family is emerging from the Dark Ages of cell phone technology. We are saying, “So long!” to Tracfone, our faithful provider for the past, oh, eight to ten years, and upgrading to real phones! With things like “unlimited minutes” and “unlimited texting” and “Internet access.” WHOA. Crazy stuff here, folks. My brother really deserves the credit for this upgrade. Being the youngest, he has never heard the word “no” in his life and gets whatever he freaking wants all. the. time. About six months ago, he decided he wanted an iPhone, so now we’re all getting iPhones. I shouldn’t complain, obviously, because this benefits me as well–it just drives me NUTS how much he gets away with, because you better believe I didn’t get away with half the crap he pulls.

Ahem. Anyway.

New iPhone. My parents pre-ordered our iPhones the first day pre-ordering started, but the whole “2 million pre-ordered in the first 24 hours” thing meant that our phones didn’t ship on the 21st, so they weren’t in the store on the 22nd, so we have no iPhones as of now. It strikes me as a bit unfair that people could walk into Apple/Verizon/Sprint/AT&T stores on Friday and buy iPhones when those of us who were responsible and ordered our phones ahead of time have to wait, but whatever. In theory, I’ll have my iPhone by the weekend.

We spent our afternoon watching Ryan Radcliff actually do something, you know, intelligent for the first time in his collegiate career en route to a Central Michigan upset of Iowa (my opinions on Central Michigan football and their complete imbecile of a head coach are another rant for another day 😉 ).

My grandma and aunt came over later for dinner and presents. I got some money, some iTunes gift cards, a home grown pepper (!), some earrings, a much-needed new bag for work since my old bag had this going on:

So that was nice.

I also got this gem from my aunt:

She had given me a defuzzer for my clothes that required batteries, but I didn’t understand the abundance of double As. My aunt is a nurse in a cancer treatment facility, and sometimes they send patients home with machines that will administer their medicine overnight. When the patients return the machine, the facility takes the batteries out and puts them all in a bin where they are free for the taking (because they don’t know how much power the batteries have left, and they can’t exactly send cancer patients home with dead batteries). So now I have a box full of batteries with questionable power that were once used by cancer patients. After the pair of child’s Dora the Explorer sandals two of my friends got me for my 16th birthday (…yeah), I think these batteries are the strangest birthday present I’ve ever received.

I wrapped up my birthday celebration watching an Ann Arbor rocket football team take on South Bend Middle School. It was funny that they put it on primetime TV, played at Notre Dame, and all dressed up as U of M and Notre Dame football players, but given the quality of play from both teams, I was forced to conclude that the people on the field could not be DI college football players but must have all been preteens. Ugh.

What was the highlight of your weekend?
What’s the strangest gift you’ve received?

4 thoughts on “Birthday Take Two

  1. What a nice weekend! 🙂 Those Danish pancakes look SO GOOD!!! It must almost be lunch time.

    I heard about the iPhone 5 delay and wasn’t following it, since I saw other people were getting theirs. Now I get it 😉

    • They’re seriously bomb. You have to try them sometime!

      Yeah, I really don’t understand the thought process that went into “Let’s allow people to pre-order, but then not give those people the phones they already paid for.” Whateverrrr. Apparently things moved faster than expected and I *should* have my phone on Thursday, so it’s all good. I can be patient haha 🙂

  2. Yum! Breakfast at your house sounds awesome, I think I poured myself a lot of cereal when I lived at home.

    Also, did you go to Central for college (I can’t remember if you’ve told me?), I used to go there for basketball camp all the time and we stayed in the dorms.

    • Hahaha yeah, I definitely grew up blessed in the breakfast department. We had cereal MWF, but my parents cooked eggs T/TH/Sunday, and then there was Saturday. I miss it for sure!

      No, I went to a much smaller school for college. My cousin, however, goes to Central, and is on the football team…and things have not gone at all how we expected them to go, to say the least, mostly because Dan Enos is the most incompetent, illogical, insecure coach EVER. I’d choose Rich Rod over him. Ugh.

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