Thursday Things

1. Thank you for all the birthday love! I had a fabulous day 🙂 After work, one of my current roommates, one of my ex-roommates from college, and I went to Southport and Irving for dinner, per Erin’s recommendation. You wouldn’t believe the mental anguish I suffered trying to pick between Southport and Irving and Wilde (recommended by Emily), but in the end Southport and Irving won for their Tuesday 3-course $25 fixed price deal. I knew I would be getting an entree and dessert wherever I went, and since that would come awfully close to $25 at Wilde as well, I figured I might as well get an appetizer for about the same price. This $25 prix fixe is a steal. The menu for the deal is somewhat limited, but the value is unreal. One of the entrees on the prix fixe menu alone is normally $24!

I started my meal with a generously sized mixed greens salad that was, well, a salad. Not the star of the meal, but certainly not bad.

For my entree, I had bourbon glazed salmon with grilled sweet potatoes and julienned vegetables.

Oh. My. Goodness. It was fantastic. Not only did it taste wonderful, but I thought the portion size was spot on. My ex-roommate’s meal was huge, but this was just the right size to satisfy me without stuffing me–after all, I had to leave room for dessert!

Chocolate gelato with dark chocolate chunks. There were originally three scoops, but my self-control when it comes to chocolate is nonexistent, so I forgot to snap a picture until I had already done some damage. It was no sticky toffee pudding (my favorite dessert of all time, and the source of my restaurant choosing distress, since Wilde had it on their menu), but it was still amazing.

Overall, the meal was a great experience. I’d definitely recommend Southport and Irving to anyone looking for a nice but not unreasonably priced place to celebrate a special occasion.

My birthday celebration continues this weekend with my family. It’s my grandma’s birthday today, so we always have a joint family celebration 🙂

2. On Monday, I left work at noon and headed to AthletiCo for one of their complimentary injury screenings. After doing a number on my foot on Saturday and spending most of Sunday unable to walk, I thought it would be best to get things looked at to make sure nothing was seriously wrong.

The PT spent a solid 15 to 20 minutes watching me walk, balance, and twisting my foot in every direction possible. Fortunately, most of her tests resulted in no pain. After she was done, she took out what looked like an anatomy textbook to show me a bunch of diagrams of the foot to better explain to me what happened. She said I had probably just sprained my foot somewhere in the navicular region.


There’s a lot of tendons/ligaments/I don’t know anything about science in there, and she said the cracking sound I heard occurs when fluid in those sinewy things moves, which indicates a sprain. She also said as long as the pain gets better, not worse, I should be good to go after taking a week off. If it got worse, though, something more serious could have happened, and she’d recommend me to a doctor.

Thankfully, my foot feels 100x better today than it felt Sunday, so I think I’m in the clear. I took the week off from running and focused on arm and ab strength training that did not involve my feet (so no planks. Darn.), and things are looking good. Now I can keep playing soccer (albeit much more carefully, since now I’m paranoid) and run my races! Hooray!

3. Speaking of running, look at what came in the mail on Monday!

Originally I planned to buy myself a massage as a Happy Half Marathon to Me! present, but massages only last 30-60 minutes and are expensive. This ring, however, will last for much longer than that and was a lot cheaper. I bought it from Anna Ourth Jewelry via Etsy, which I now have a love affair with. Customizable jewelry = coolest thing ever.

What’s your favorite birthday restaurant?
Have you ever bought something off Etsy?

8 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. Ooh, I’m glad my recommendation worked out! Isn’t it the cutest restaurant?

    Your ring is such a fun idea! I love to buy gifts for people on Etsy but I don’t think I’ve ever bought something for myself.

    And I’m happy to hear your foot is feeling better.

  2. I’m glad you had a great birthday!

    Buying things from Etsy is a slippery slope. I made my first purchase this week and now am constantly looking for more things to buy. What happened to saving my money?

    I do really like your ring though 🙂

  3. That looks like a perfect brithday meal!

    So happy your foot is feeling better and they think a week of rest will be enough!

    I love that ring! Etsy is fab for jewelry! I have bought a few things for myself 😉

  4. I love that ring! Im glad that your foot is better. I think rings have more sentimentality than a massage because you are reminded by the accomplishment that you achieved. Have a great weekend

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