It’s My Birthday!


I am not in any way the type of person who’s all, “Oh, my birthday is just another day. Carry on with your lives.” Ohhh no. I am very much in the, “It’s my birthday, thus everyone’s day must revolve around ME because it is MY DAY” camp. Haha.

I’m technically still 21 and will remain that way until 11:18 a.m. (ugh. So wrong. I was born at 12:18 p.m., thank you very much, but now that I live in this weird and inferior time zone, my local birth time changed) but since it’s my birthDAY that means I get to celebrate being 22 all day 🙂

Because I don’t have much to say about my weekend, let’s recap my year of being 21, shall we? I…

spectated my first marathon

traveled to Seattle sans parents for the first time

spent my last Spring Break on the U.S./Mexican border

fasted for Lent for the first time

graduated from college

ran my first 10K

moved to Chicago

and ran my first half marathon.

Yeah. It’s been quite the year 🙂

Here’s to more adventures being 22!

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