Thursday Things

1. I feel like this is becoming a monthly proclamation, but once again I think I discovered the best Tumblr of all time: #myfriendsaremarried. (Also, I did not find this Tumblr because of Tumblr Thursday in the RedEye this morning, but because of Twitter last night).

I don’t think I can emphasize enough the young couple marriage culture from whence I came. I am 21 years old (for another five days). I graduated from college in May. Between graduation and now, I know 18 separate couples that got married. All of these couples were either my age, one year older than me, or one year younger than me.  If I relax the standards and include people within two years of my age that were married in the past two years, that couple number jumps to 28. That’s 56 people, all aged 24 or younger. AND this is only based on my Facebook friendships — I’m sure there are more people I went to school with that got married recently. The median age for women getting marriage in the rest of the country may be 26, but where I’m from, we’re solidly locked in 1940, where women marry at the age of 21.5.

And my (mostly married) friends wonder why I’m such a fatalist about ever finding someone.

2. I’m having serious trouble figuring out how to dress for this fall-like weather. My apartment has A++ circulation when most of the windows are open (read: the wind routinely blows my clock off my nightstand), which makes the apartment deceptively chilly. After a summer where 90 sounded comfortable, 65 sounds downright freezing, so I bundled up in jeans, a sweatshirt, and closed-toed shoes for my commute. As soon as I stepped outside, I realized that 65 is not, in fact, cold, and my originally planned outfit of capris and sandals would’ve been way more comfortable.

Someday when I’m rich and famous, I’m going to hire someone to dress me. Goodness knows I could use all the help I can get.

3. A few weeks ago, I went way underbudget on groceries for the week, so I splurged on a new-to-me Trader Joe’s trek mix, Macadamias Mix Gingerly with Cranberries & Almonds. Since I like macadamias, dried cranberries, almonds, and ginger, I thought this would be fine.

Wrong. Wrong wrong wrong. Candied ginger is apparently NOT my thing. I wanted to like it so bad, but the more I ate it, the more repulsive I found it. From now on I’ll keep ginger in my Christmas cookies and out of my trail mix.

Reassure me: there are people out there who still think 21 is a perfectly acceptable age to not be married, yes?
Have you ever bought a new product from a store only to find out you hate it?

7 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. I think the marriage thing is REALLY interesting! Most of my close friends are unmarried (I’m 24) as are most of my boyfriend’s friends although more of them are getting engaged (he’s 27). However, many of my acquaintances from college, high school, etc have moved forward at lightning speed! I don’t understand the rush! It’s totally okay to slow down and save some money, enjoy your twenties, and just be in a relationship for awhile!!

    • Word. I’ve been to a couple weddings that were put together on a shoestring budget, which is one thing if you do that and make it classy, but is another thing when every. single. aspect. of your wedding screams, “We don’t have the money to be getting married, but are doing it anyway even though neither one of us is old enough to rent a car.” It seems to me if you’re really committed to each other (which I would hope you are if you’re getting freakin married), you could manage to wait a year or two.

  2. I got married at 23 (I graduated college at 22) so I’m definitely in the young camp. However, almost all of my friends were married before 30 (if not before 25) so although I was the first to get married I wasn’t too far ahead of my group of friends. Most of us are from smaller, Midwest towns, though, so I don’t think it’s that unusual for my group. Also, most of us didn’t move to big cities until after we were married. Do I think this was smart? Not necessarily. Waiting until late 20s or early 30s is probably smarter!

    Regardless, I still think getting married at 21 is young!! I wasn’t even out of college at 21.

    • Some of the 21-year-olds I know that got married this summer aren’t out of college either haha. Some of the 21-year-old couples that got married aren’t out of college AND DON’T EVEN GO TO THE SAME SCHOOL, but got married anyway! I realize I may not know everything there is to know about marriage, but that just strikes me as ridiculous.

  3. Marriage fascinates me. I am 26. Never been in a serious relationship. My mom and grandma didn’t get married until in their late 20s. I was listing out my priorities (yes I do this) and being in a relationship/the marriage thing is way low on the list. When it happens it happens. I like dates and boys but I would be the worse, most selfish girlfriend ever right now. Don’t even get me started on babies… That being said, my facebook feed reminds me all the time that I should probably get married. My friends and family in Minneapolis (aka my home) are rather slow to the marriage thing. My undergrad friends (LaCrosse, WI) are rather obsessed with getting married and being married.

    • I wish I could take your “when it happens it happens” attitude back to where I’m from and implant that in everyone’s mind, rather than the “if it doesn’t happen the summer after your graduate college, it’s never going to happen” attitude that is so pervasive.

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