Thursday Things

1. I’m convinced the CTA has a tracking device on me. There is simply no way the average Chicagoan misses the train or bus by thismuch as often as I do.


That is how I look on the way to work, p.s. I actually run to keep the rest of the world from feeling inferior due to my permanent state of elegance. (Also, I absolutely have not worn the exact same outfit to work every day this week and hoped no one would notice by varying my shirt color. Absolutely not.)

It’s not like this is purely a matter of my own stupidity: “I leave at the exact same time every day, and somehow miss the train by about 30 seconds each time! How does this happen?” Not at all. No matter when I leave, no matter what kind of strategy I try to employ, I consistently find myself on the wrong side of the street, watching the El come and go as I miss it. Again. I mean, this does allow me to finish more of the RedEye before work, but seriously. Priority #1 when I get a smart phone: download a CTA tracking app.

2. Earlier this week, the updated office directory appeared on my desk, which means now everyone in the office knows it’s my birthday in TWELVE DAYS!! *pre-celebration celebration* Anyway, another co-worker’s birthday is September 20, so today he suggested that we pool our resources and bring in a birthday treat on September 19 to kill two birds with one stone. Now, I had gathered that it was standard procedure for the birthday boy/girl to bring in his/her own birthday treat, but I take issue with this. If it’s my birthday, shouldn’t other people treat me? Why am I treating the entire office? Of course, I think this should apply officewide, not just to me. I should organize a buddy system so this madness can end.

Also, while I appreciate my co-worker’s suggestion from an I’m-poor-and-don’t-want-to-buy-Dunkin-Donuts-for-everyone standpoint and agreed to the arrangement without hesitation, this means only one day of treats instead of two. Since calories don’t count on your birthday birthweek birthmonth, fine, ever, as far as I’m concerned with office treats, this seems like a tragic waste of potential free calories.


If RueLaLa says it, it must be true.

3. I’ve decided that from now on, I’m running a half marathon every weekend. Why? Because carb loading is the JAM.


While I do appreciate and strive to include protein in every meal, I am definitely a carb lover. Being able to eat a piece of naan with my pasta last night all in the name of proper preparation for my half marathon just might have made my miserable summer training totally worth it.

Do people bring birthday treats to your office/classroom/place you spend most of your daytime hours?
What do you tend to crave: carbs or protein? Chocolate is also a valid answer 😉

10 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. I was going to say just get a CTA tracker app…see how conditioned so many of us are to assume everyone else has a smartphone??

    At my office someone else brings in the treats for birthdays. We certainly don’t have to bring our own. I call shenanigans on that! However, we do make the birthday person cut his or her own cake. Which is why I usually ask for cookies.

    Because I crave carb-y sweets 90% of the time.

    • Haha, girl, I don’t even have a real plan! I still use Tracfone! That should change within the month if all goes according to plan, but yeah. Living in the cell phone dark ages over here!

      All right, I’m glad I’m not the only one that found this situation crazy! I would happily cut the cake if it meant I got to eat all the frosting off the knife afterwards. om nom nom. hahaha.

  2. I’ve never heard of the birthday person bringing in their own treats. Weird! At my office we do a third Thursday dinner where our office supplies dinner (catered) and then we have a cake for all of the birthdays that month. It cuts down on the amount of treats (:() but we do get a free dinner and we can take home leftovers!

  3. hehe your post made me smile… love the carb-loading pic! 😀
    Gosh I have also never heard of anyone bringing their own things for their birthday, that sucks… I think you should protest or something… Anyway love your blog, I am following it, I see we have lots in common! Auds 🙂

  4. I love the turtle carbo loading. Good luck tomorrow on your half marathon! You can do it! Sending good vibes your way! I tend to crave LOTS OF SWEETS! Especially bananas, chocolate, and do I dare say it……… nutella. I refrain from buying any hazelnut spread or chocolate because I would eat it in one sitting.

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