End in Sight


Half marathon training is winding down and my nerves for next Sunday are winding up. While logically I know I’m more or less prepared, tapering makes me jittery. Completing a three-miler and knowing in less than two weeks you’ll be running 10 additional miles can do that to a person.

Monday’s three miler was both uneventful and very welcome. I took a slightly different route than usual for a change of scenery, and it was nice to mix things up. It was even nicer to finish my run in about half an hour. Tapering may not do much for my morale, but it does a lot for my evening free time! I also ran negative splits for the first time in a long time, which always makes me happy.

We had volleyball playoffs on Tuesday, and…it could have gone better. My team, being the worst in the league, was scheduled to play the best team in the league for our first game. We were crushed: 3-21, 5-21. Ouch. Though I never took this volleyball league super seriously, it was definitely frustrating to lose that bad. What was more frustrating, however, were a couple people on the opposing team. Two members of that team are significantly better than everyone else in the league (including their teammates), which would be one thing if our league was competitive. Our league is very recreational, however, and having a couple people take it so seriously kind of ruins it for the rest of us. Regardless, I had a good time playing volleyball this season, and I imagine I’ll be back for more next summer!

On Wednesday, as I headed out for another three mile, I turned my Garmin on. It beeped almost immediately after I had turned it on: low battery. I hoped a Garmin low battery message would be like many other low battery messages: the power’s dying, but it’ll last. No such luck with my Garmin. I was not happy, but because I was going to the Cubs game later that evening, I didn’t have time to change my plans. I used my phone to time my run instead, and I almost fell over when I saw my finishing time: 26:00. I ran my three miler at nearly-PR 5K pace. Since most of my runs this summer have been much slower than my 5K race pace, I couldn’t believe how fast I ran.

I found myself thinking a lot on Wednesday’s run, which isn’t normal for me. This may sound crazy, but I realized on Wednesday I don’t particularly love running. What I do love, however, is training.



I’m goal-oriented to a fault. It is a major struggle for me to do anything if I’m not working towards something concrete. Once I set my mind to something, though, I will throw myself into that task. Throughout my schooling, I had plenty of goals to work towards: maintaining my GPA, maintaining my class position, earning and maintaining leadership roles–lots and lots of goals. I really don’t think I’d be running if I didn’t have something to work for. Training for races gives me a great outlet to continue working towards goals.

So there’s your insight for the week 🙂

On Thursday, I had every intention of logging a solid cardio and strength training workout, but after I wrapped up my cardio, my plans changed. There was an exciting advertisement in my building that led me to cutting my workout short to make a much needed purchase. More on that on Tuesday 😉

Today, for the last time for at least two weeks, I woke up early to put in one final long run.


And was rewarded with a beautiful sunrise for my dedication!

This morning’s six miler actually almost didn’t happen. My stomach has hated me nearly all week, and last night was the worst of all. I haven’t changed my diet at all lately, but last night’s dinner just did not agree with me. I hoped to sleep it off, but I still felt crummy when I got up this morning. After going back and forth on what to do, I decided I felt all right enough to at least head out and see how much I could get done. It certainly wasn’t the prettiest or fastest long run of my training–in fact, it was the slowest long run (not run/walk) of my training–but I finished all six miles without any major stomach trouble.

Two three-milers stand between me and my half marathon. Here we go.

Are you goal-oriented, or does something else motivate you?

8 thoughts on “End in Sight

  1. You are going to do great next Sunday! I will be running the 5k instead of the half marathon. You have trained so hard for this and once you cross the finish line you will feel awesome!

  2. Good luck!! I’m sure you’ll do awesome 🙂

    I’m definitely goal oriented as well although I’d still run even if I wasn’t training for an event. I always have workout plans or schedules that I try to follow though. If I just planned to “work out” not swim/bike/run there’s a good chance I’ll try to blow it off or half-ass the workout. I need structure!

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