Thursday Things

1. I went to my first Cubs game last night!

They lost, naturally, BUT they only lost 1-3: a significant improvement from Monday’s dismal 4-15 effort. I went with three friends from church, one of which got the tickets from someone who couldn’t make the game, and our seats really weren’t that bad. I had such a great time, even if it meant I had to be one of those people (i.e.: Cubs fans) on the Red Line 😉

2. The other day, one of my favorite people in the whole wide world and dear friend posted on Facebook that he had a music review published on a real website. He’s super into the hip-hop scene (which always baffles me, because he totally seems like an indie, borderline hipster music type of guy…goes to show you can’t judge a book by its cover!), and even though that’s not my music forte, I read his review because I just love this kid. He reviewed JJ DOOM’s Key to the Kuffs, which really means absolutely nothing to me since I had never heard of this artist, but track 9 made my day.

Yes, yes that is a rap about clean eating. Talk about unexpected!

3. Last week I continued my kitchen purging with Operation: Cleanse the Freezer/Fridge. Some Before and Afters for your comparison pleasure:




srsly. And yes, every single item of food I threw out had expired, most of it at least six months ago or longer. Fortunately I only had to see one particularly colorful and fuzzy mold culture in the process. I simply cannot wrap my mind around how so much food had stayed in the fridge and freezer for SO. LONG. without anyone thinking, “You know, everyone that used to live in this apartment almost a year ago has moved out by now, and these pickles have been here since I moved in.  Maybe I could throw them away!”

There used to be meat under that freezer burn. Just…how?

After the purging, our fridge had a distinct odor of American cheese, which is very low on the list of Things I’d Like My Fridge to Smell Like. Thankfully a box of baking soda cleared that up, because it was gross.

And, because this is significant enough to break the normal Three Thursday Things rule…

4. Lately I’ve been getting a relatively high number of hits from the Netherlands. I don’t know how all you Dutch people have found my blog, but I want to give you a heartfelt welkom, because it seriously fills me with glee every time the Nederland flag pops up. Unfortunately the only complete sentence I can offer you in your native tongue is, “Wil je een koekje?” as that is just about the full extent of vocabulary I retained from my one semester of Dutch. Even more unfortunately I do not have any koekjes to offer, despite what the sentence suggests. If I did, I would head straight to the postkantoor met een pakje van koekjes to mail them to you, unless I had a keelpijn, in which case I might stay home. All right, that really is the full extent of my Dutch vocabulary. But I do want you to know that I insist on calling Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter “speculoos,” and I’ve made it one of my missions in life to teach my fellow countrymen the correct pronunciation of “gouda,” because though it may not look that way, my blood is orange (or should I say, oranje).


Have you ever been to a professional or otherwise major sporting event? I’ve been to a couple other MLB games, but college football games, especially at the Big House, are my top choice for major sporting events.
Is anyone else wildly attached to their ethnic heritage? Since this is not the first–and probably will not be the last–time that I ramble on and on about how much I love being half Dutch, I think I could be a good Exhibit A for this haha.

16 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. I am a pretty big Minnesota Twins fan so I’ve been to millions of those (my parents have season tickets!). I also went to a Cubs game earlier this summer and had a blast!

  2. In awe of your fridge purging skills. Seriously.

    1. Went to a Seattle Seahawks game once. It was playoffs, they one and it was still “meh…” Also went to the World Cup games back in ’01 for the USA vx Portugal game. THAT was awesome!
    2. Too much mix to be any ethnic other than American.

  3. I absolutely love to clean out my cabinets and the fridge, such a good feeling and plus I adore organizing haha. On that note, the freezer here needs to be tackled soon! I have been to a few Red Sox games, but not for about 5 years now… I would love to go again though

    • Me too! I never realized how much I enjoyed organizing until a few months ago when, completely frustrated by the messy and inefficiently organized cabinet that held our dishes, I took everything out, arranged things by size and function, and then put everything back in. It was the greatest feeling…and also the moment I realized I’ve lost the right to say, “I’m not anal about organization.” Haha.

  4. I am wildly attached to my Greek heritage. From the minute I was born I was immersed in my Greek culture. Hasnt left me since. I love the white sox and went to a white sox game last monday! Thats so cool that you are dutch! I love the Netherlands and I want to travel their one day. Have a great weekend

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