Thursday Things

1. I’ve had a shockingly high number (read: two) of is-this-really-happening-right-now? moments this week. Both times, they’ve such weird coincidences that I just want to tell everyone about them, but generally they won’t make sense without context, and generally that context would reveal my life’s ~secrets~. So, naturally, I’ll blog about these moments so the entire world can know.


Moment #1: In an effort to do something more productive than Pinteresting in my free time, I’ve spent some time lately attempting to get back into my fiction writing mojo. In middle and high school, I wrote a. ton. of fiction, but since starting college that fell by the wayside as both my imagination and free time crashed and burned. A week and a half ago, though, I opened up a blank Word document and started writing. My novel-of-the-moment is extraordinarily loosely based off some of my recent life events (“write what you know” and all that). Anyway, in the first scene I wrote, a very specific, not particularly common incident occurs. This incident occurs to my main character, but in a roundabout sort of way is a result of another minor character. Earlier this week, while perusing social media, the nonfictional person in my life who inspired this fictional minor character had THE EXACT SAME THING happen to them in real life as happened to my novel’s character. I about fell out of my chair.

Yes, I realize this picture is almost 100% irrelevant, but this was the first thing Pinterest showed me when I searched “coincidence” and I loved it too much to not post it.


Also, consider this my permission for each and every one of you who has some social media connection to me to furiously look through your past tweets, Facebook updates, or posts and convince yourself that yes, this specific event I posted about must be what Bethany is referring to! I’m a minor character in the novel that will one day make her rich and famous!

Moment #2: Yesterday, a picture of a long-lost camp counselor friend appeared on my Facebook newsfeed. This, in and of itself, was rather insignificant, other than the way it briefly made me think, “Man, I really miss that friend and wish I could see him again.”

Last night, I was watching So You Think You Can Dance, and one of the in-danger-of-going-home dancers chose to do their solo to “Falling Slowly,” a song that always makes me think of this exact long-lost camp counselor friend not so much because of the song’s lyrics, but because I very clearly remember spending part of an afternoon of my first staff training at a picnic table while this friend played and sang that song. In case this wasn’t enough, another soloist chose to dance to a Damien Rice song, which just so happens to one of this friend’s favorite singers of all time. Damien Rice was also on the soundtrack when we went out on this friend’s boat on one of the best Friday nights of my life. It was just another one of those how-can-these-many-coincidences-happen-in-the-same-24-hours type of moments that probably means more to me than anyone else, but like I said, I’ve really wanted to tell people about them even though I know no one would understand, and since I can’t hear blog readers protest as I write, you’re stuck hearing my stories 😛

2. Speaking of So You Think You Can Dance, is anyone else just not feeling this season? I’ve seen all but one episode, but I just cannot get into the show this time around. I don’t have a favorite dancer, while the group routines have been spot-on there haven’t been any mind-blowingly awesome couples routines (though Mia Michaels night last night? LOVE), and this new format is stupid. The judges obviously have their minds made up about who’s going to go home before the show even starts, and while it’s nice to only waste one night of my week on the couch watching TV instead of two, the lack of screen time is not doing any favors to my utter lack of connection with the dancers.

Also, I still hate the new stage, even though they’ve been using it for quite some time now.

3. Yesterday I found the 2013 Ikea catalog in my mailbox. If anyone has a couple billion dollars lying around that they’d like to give me so I can buy everything in the catalog and a significantly larger apartment to put all my Ikea spoils, I just want you to know I’ll happily accept donations.

I want all the things!

Receiving this catalog also made me think Ikea was stalking me and/or reading my mind, as I’ve never purchased anything from them before but just in the past couple of days began to look into buying an Ikea dining room table…but then I saw other people in my building pulling the same catalog out of their mailboxes. So it turns out I’m not being followed by a furniture company.

Any weird coincidences in your life lately?
To my fellow SYTYCD watchers: am I crazy, or does this season really kind of suck?

2 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. Ummmmmm….no? A cop was coincidentally around when I was speeding. Does that count? No? Blast.

    While I’ve never watched the show, I’m all about support. This season is made of suckage! Bring back the old school SYTYCD!!!

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