I spent this weekend running around from one event to another, which meant I barely had time to turn on my laptop. When life finally settled down on Sunday evening, I was thrilled to see that Katie had nominated for the Liebster Award!

For this, I’m supposed to tell you 11 facts about myself, answer the questions posed by the person who nominated me, come up with 11 questions of my own, and nominate 11 more people. Phew! I’m a little short on time here, so I’ll get through what I can.

11 Facts:

1. I spent my entire childhood in the same house, but I moved bedrooms three times in that house.

2. Speaking of which: I cried so hard when I had to move out of my first room into my second room that I made myself sick. I was only five at the time, though, so don’t judge. Haha.

3. I threw a temper tantrum when I found out my brother was a boy. I wanted another sister so bad. This was also when I was five. I was clearly a very emotional child.

4. I got glasses when I was seven, and I still remember the drive home from the eye doctor. I could see EVERYTHING!

5. I split my lip on the bricks surrounding our fireplace when I was little, and I’ve had a scar on my lip since then. I’ve gotten to used to it now, though, that I usually forget it’s there.


It’s also pretty hard to see in pictures, apparently. Haha.

6. I have a doll, creatively named Dolly, that I still sleep with, much to my mom’s disdain. Dolly’s seen better days…


…but she’s not getting kicked out of the bed until I’m married. So…never. #fatalist


7. I wrote a novel during the summer of 2009. I’ve never made any effort to get it published, mostly because it still needs a lot of revising (and I haven’t touched it in three years…), but I still wrote a full novel.

8. Once upon a time (also in the summer of 2009), I hit two parked cars in the mall parking lot and dropped a sharp knife point down on my foot on the same day. I like to refer to that day as The Worst Day of My Life. I did, however, get an interview for my first non-babysitting job that day, though, so that was nice.

9. I can’t do mental math, especially subtraction and division. Even simple things (15-7? I have no idea. Google it.) require my fingers. I am absurdly proud of myself when I can answer basic math questions on the fly.

10. Gas stoves freak me out and suck at doing their job, and I hate that my apartment has one.


The bane of my culinary existence. Pure evil.

11. I don’t like odd numbers.

Katie’s Questions:

1. How did your parents choose your first name?

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure! I know my dad liked the name, so I think that’s how it came to be. I also know that the options were limited: my dad was a high school teacher and couldn’t name me (or my siblings) after any bad former students! Haha.

2. Are you allergic to anything?

Penicillin. And water. I guess I’m not “officially” allergic to water, but I get itchy and blotchy after swimming, bathing, showering, sweating…yeah. It’s weird.

3. If you had to live in another country, which one would it be?

Oh, such a difficult question! Lately I’ve desperately wanted to be British, so I think I’ll go with Scotland, since it’s part of Britain and I loved the country when I was there in May 2011. And maybe I’ll summer in Nederland, since I’m Dutch and a bit crazy about Dutch culture 🙂

4. What’s the best frozen yogurt place you’ve ever been to?

I’ve actually only been to two frozen yogurt places. A travesty, I know. I’ll go with Forever Yogurt, since I’ve been there twice, and I’ve only been to Blissberry once…probably because the Blissberry I went to is in Bellevue, Washington and I, you know, live in Chicago. Haha.

5. What was your first pet?

I bought my first round of four goldfish when I was in fourth or fifth grade. They were all dead within two weeks. Sad face 😦

6. If you were me (Katie) what would you choose as a career/job?

Bahahaha nice. Umm…legal advocate for Girls on the Run? Is that such a thing?

7. What would your patronus be? (for you non-harry potter fans, animal spirit)

Oh noes. I haven’t read Harry Potter, so I’m afraid I’m going to give a stupid answer. Can I be a dog? I really like dogs….

8. If you had to choose between chocolate, vanilla or strawberry ice cream/milk shake, which would you pick?


9. What should I get Neville (my goldfish) for his 2nd birthday?

A castle. Fish love castles.

10. Where do you think would be a fun place to retire to?

There’s this retirement home really close to my college where a lot of die-hard fans go to spend their old age. That would be the jam.

11. What color are your nails right now?

Nail colored. Haha. I haven’t painted my nails in ages. My toenails, however, are 20 Candles On My Cake by OPI (red/pinkish).

Answer any of Katie’s questions for yourself! Or tell me a fact about you.

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