Thursday Things

1. Things I’ve learned about myself in the past two weeks: until I gain some maturity and patience, I should stop calling customer service lines.


A couple of Fridays ago, I locked myself out of my apartment because I’m an idiot, so I called the emergency maintenance line for my building to get help. Since it was “after hours” (aka 5:30…*rolls eyes*), the lady on the phone informed me that there would be a fee to let me back in and asked if I still wanted to be let in. (This “fee” turned out to be $40 in cash because I was so inconveniencing the person THE BUILDING HIRES TO DO EMERGENCY MAINTENANCE. I’m pretty confident he was ripping me off, which is why I slammed my door in his face when he told me to have a nice weekend. See: Bethany needs to gain maturity and patience). I totally let the lady have it, partially because I was mad at myself, partially because this was in the middle of my lease-renewal fiasco and I hated everyone employed by my property management, and partially because what did she expect me to do? Sleep in the lobby?

Anyway, last Friday the power button on my phone decided to stop working. Since my phone is on, it’s more of an inconvenience than the end of the world, but it’s still a problem that needs to be solved. My phone’s ridiculously cheap ($20), so my parents advised me to just buy a new phone to hold me over until we switch providers after the new iPhone comes out (!! I’m finally going to be cool and have a real phone!).

Yesterday when I came home after work, I saw a note left from FedEx for me that they had tried to drop off my package, but there was no one available to sign for the package so they couldn’t deliver it. I called them to get some more information on how I would get my package, and all they could tell me was that they were “sorry for the inconvenience, ma’am” (every. single. time.) but they couldn’t hold my package anywhere and that they would continue to try to deliver it…except, you know, I work during the day, so I’LL NEVER BE THERE. I tried to get them to switch the shipping address to my work, but they were all, “That’s beyond our power, you’ll have to take to the shipper, tra la la,” and I got angry, yelled at them for being stupid, and hung up. Because I’m mature.


So then I called my phone company to see if they could switch the address, and they were like, “It’s all ready been shipped, sucka! Nothing we can do now! It’ll be returned to us in a week!” So I was like, “Well, THEN can you ship it to my office?” and they were like, “Only if you buy the phone again! Give us your monies!” So then I was REALLY mad, may or may not have said words I wouldn’t say in front of my parents, and hung up. Because I’m mature.

I don’t know why I put up with myself sometimes.

2. Further confirmation that North Korea is Panem in real life:

Kim Un-kuk, who set a weightlifting world record on the way to winning gold on Monday, said he was anxious for news of his triumph to reach Pyongyang.

For good reason: a life of luxury awaits the Olympians as reward for glorifying the Stalinist state. Elite athletes receive cash, cars, houses and the coveted membership of the Workers Party of Korea.


The consequences of sporting failure are far less palatable.

The coach of the national soccer team, who lost all three of their 2010 World Cup games, was reportedly expelled from the Worker’s Party and forced to become a builder for his “betrayal”.

Crazy, crazy stuff. I mean, The Hunger Games are cool and all, but only as fiction.

3. Today is my one month anniversary at work! Go me! Honestly, it feel like it’s been A LOT longer than a month. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. On a possibly related note, I’ve been horribly campsick all week, and I’m seriously struggling to accept that I’m not a college student anymore. I keep thinking I’m going back in August, I really want to go back in August…but I can’t go back in August. Boo.


What was your worst experience with customer service?
If you’re a college grad, how long did it take you to adjust to being a graduate?

3 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. Oh gosh, I can totally relate to both of those experiences. SO FRUSTRATING! The only thing is that I locked my dogsitter out of my house when I went on vacation instead of myself! I was supposed to leave my key on top of my door for her, but in my sleepy state of leaving for the airport at 3 am, I forgot and took it with me. That afternoon she called me saying she couldn’t get in…but I was already in Illinois for the weekend. My apartment threatened the same $50 fee for them to unlock the door…but when the maintenence man LEFT THE KEY AT THE WRONG APARTMENT, I refused to pay it. Not only were they greedy, but they’re incompetent? NOPE. NOT PAYING.

  2. I had such a bad experience with the delivery man at my building last fall. It was absolutely ridiculous. I guess he took a week off and left his truck somewhere with my package on it (it was a book for class). The post office couldn’t track him down and nobody knew where my book was. Two weeks later my package “turned up” in the building. Bizarre.

    Also, I totally want to go back to school in August too. It’s not fair!

  3. Bad customer service experience? Only one really jumps to mind. SOMEONE didn’t do their paperwork correctly and, long story short, a warrant was put out for my arrest and I wasn’t paid for several months.

    I am a college grad but now in grad school and am returning in Aug. Drat it. Rather weary of this whole school thing. May miss it when it’s gone but certainly not right now.

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