Best Weekend

This past weekend turned out to be easily the best one I’ve had in Chicago so far. Admittedly, I’ve only had four weekends in Chicago, so maybe that’s not the grandest statement ever, but let’s recap, shall we?

Saturday started off phenomenally with the BTN Big 10K, aka the best race of my life.

After the race, I showered and ran some errands before heading out to Taste of Lincoln Ave.

To be honest, I wasn’t in the best mood before leaving. After everything that went down last Monday, I’ve been wandering around the five stages of grief, with denial being my stage of choice for most of last week. Unfortunately, denial stops working when you’re confronted with something that clearly shows what you’re denying is actually happening, and that happened to occur right before I left. While sitting around my apartment exploring the anger and depression stages of grief was a viable option, that didn’t really seem like the best way to spend my Saturday, so I forced myself to leave.

Going to Taste of Lincoln Ave. ended up being a great idea. I was in a weird limbo mood where I felt happy and content-ish, but also could feel my sadness hanging around the edges. It was a really strange state, but while I didn’t feel like I was fully enjoying myself, I certainly wasn’t as miserable as I would’ve been if I had stayed home.

I wandered up and down Lincoln Ave., scouting out my food options before settling on a couple of pork tacos. I generally don’t seek out tacos when I have other options, but two tacos for $5 was the best deal I found.

The tacos actually turned out tasting fantastic! I omitted the jalapeños because this girl cannot handle anything spicy, but I loved everything else about them.

I also saw a lot of people walking around with corn on the cob, so that happened.

Mmm. I haven’t had corn on the cob all summer, and while this was a little expensive and not as good as the picked-that-morning stuff I’d get at home, I still loved it. Nothing says summer like corn on the cob.

I made a pit stop for frozen yogurt on the way home from Taste of Lincoln Ave. I hadn’t gone out for frozen yogurt since I moved, and I thought I deserved a treat for my awesome race.

Happy PR to me 🙂

Before I left for Taste on Lincoln Ave., I had put out the call on Facebook that I really wanted to see Anberlin and/or Augustana, who were headlining the music part of the fest on Saturday and Sunday, respectively. Since I have all of about three Facebook friends living in Chicago, I didn’t expect anything to happen, but when I got home I saw someone had responded! When one of my friends got married in June, I sat a table with some of her friends from high school, one of which lives in Chicago. He wanted to go to the concert, too, so I found myself with evening plans!

Another one of my married friend’s friends came along to the concert as well, so we walked around Lincoln Ave. for awhile getting to know each other haha. They were both really fun to hang out with, though, and surprisingly it wasn’t awkward at all. Hooray! Around 8:00, we staked out our spots for the concert and waited for Anberlin.

As it turns out, I knew a lot less Anberlin music than I thought I knew…which is to say, I recognized one song: the last one they played. But that’s better than nothing! Regardless, I had a good time, and the hard, driving music was perfect for my mood. I found that being around other people really helped distract me, and the sadness that had plagued me earlier in the day didn’t bother me at all during the concert.

On Sunday afternoon, I got a text from the wedding friend asking me if I wanted to go to Augustana that night. I’ve liked Augustana a lot since my freshman year of college, so I said I absolutely wanted to go! We met up about an hour and a half before the concert and got something to eat (for me) and something to drink (for the friend) before it began.

Why yes, yes that is chocolate dipped cheesecake. When in Rome, right? Nothing says junk food quite like a street fest. It ended up being kind of funny, because while waiting for the concert my friend and I got on the topic of grocery shopping of all things, and it turns out we’re both big into the whole natural, unprocessed foods scene, which this cheesecake definitely was not haha. But it was cool to talk to someone who shares my mindset about food, since most of the people I know in real life don’t care about it at all.

Buy anyway. Augustana.

Amazing. I loved seeing them live, I loved actually knowing the lyrics to their songs, and most of all, I loved their bass player.

We totally had a connection. I could tell by the way he kept looking over my head. It’s fate 😉

On a completely unrelated topic, can I vent for two seconds about Olympic spoilers? It’s driving me CRAZY how people and organizations are blatantly spoiling everything before the Olympics air at night. I don’t care that NBC tape delays things because I, like a lot of people, am working at 1 p.m. and can’t just drop everything to watch the Olympics during the day. I also don’t care if other people want to spoil the results for themselves, but for crying out loud, man, some of us would like to go home after a day of working and turn on an event we look forward to for FOUR YEARS and actually be surprised by the results instead of knowing ahead of time what’s going to happen. /endrant

What was the best thing about your weekend?
How do you feel about Olympic spoilers? Clearly the people in my office are all for them, as I now know the results of the women’s gymnastics team finals…rawr.

9 thoughts on “Best Weekend

  1. what a fun weekend you had! & yes, I too am getting annoyed with all the spoilers, but I still find watching it to be exciting – I can only imagine how much more exciting it would be if i didn’t know the results though, ha.

    • Haha right?? I swore off all social media today so I could be surprised…and then one of my co-workers loudly announced which swimmer beat which in the Phelps/Lochte matchup, and NBC Nightly News, which was playing in the gym, told me the results of the women’s all around. I just can’t win 😦 Haha

  2. Hurrah for you and your awesome weekend! The food festival, well, I’m a bit green over here.

    Ummm, best thing? Trike flying.
    As for Olympic spoilers, I’m TVless so my spoilers come purposefully when I read the news. 🙂

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