On Friends and Heartbreak

It’s been an interesting past few days.

On Saturday, I went back to Felines and Canines to volunteer. I wasn’t feeling particularly up to it all day (waiting for the bus for over 20 minutes didn’t help), but I went anyway. I don’t know if it was my attitude going into it or what, but I became Shy Bethany as soon as I arrived and pretty much talked to no one for the hour and a half I was there. I didn’t know what to say, so I chose to not say anything and basically just felt all-around awkward. So that was fun. Or something. I imagine the more I go out there, the more comfortable I’ll feel. I’m also dying for November to roll around so they can move into their permanent facility and get dogs again. I don’t mind the kitties, but man, I sure do prefer dogs.

After church Sunday morning, I went out to brunch with a new (!) friend. Another girl on my volleyball team asked if I’d like to grab coffee or something a few days after our initial event two weeks ago, and “or something” turned into post-church brunch at Bongo Room.

We had to wait about 40 minutes before we could actually get in the restaurant, but it was all right. We wandered around Trader Joe’s for awhile, because apparently there’s one in the South Loop now.

This was such a bummer of a discovery for me. When I spent my semester in Chicago, I did all my grocery shopping at the Target on Roosevelt. If only Trader Joe’s had been open then! Alas.

The menu at Bongo Room defines indulgent. I had read a bunch of reviews on Yelp and saw “white chocolate carmel pretzel pancakes” mentioned more than once, but when I looked at their online menu, I didn’t see those pancakes. Those pancakes were, however, on the specials menu we got when we sat down so…that happened. I got a small order (only two face sized pancakes instead of three), but even that was almost too much for me. So. Much. Sweet. There was absolutely nothing healthy about those pancakes, but they were quite delicious. I’d love to go back to Bongo Room sometime and explore more of their pancake options, because they all sound heavenly.

Yesterday, by all appearances, should have been a good day. My roommates and I FINALLY got approved for our lease renewal, so I no longer need to spend every free second of my day on Craigslist looking for something else. However, a bunch of things came to pass yesterday that left me on my futon, sobbing like an infant for the majority of my evening. I’ve only cried like that one other time in my life after my almost-boyfriend broke up with me (or whatever you’d call it, given that we weren’t *technically* a couple) freshman year of college. I had been let down in the romance department before, but that was the first time my heart had ever really been broken. Judging by how I felt and acted last night, I’d say yesterday can be considered time #2.


Though I’m moving in the direction of having Chicago friends, I don’t really have anyone in the city that I felt like I could go to with my troubles last night (or who would have understood everything without an hour-long backstory), so I tried to use Gchat and texting with a couple friends who did understand as substitutes for face-to-face communication. It was helpful to have a few people I could at least kind of cry to, but man. Last night just sucked, and this morning wasn’t a whole lot better.

Favorite brunch item? I usually take “brunch” to mean “socially acceptable to eat breakfast twice in one day,” so any junky breakfast food…pancakes, waffles, French toast…bring it on.
This is me making it clear that I don’t want to hear cliches or platitudes on how heartbreak is good for you, just means something better is in store, blah blah blah, because even though I’m sure you have the best intentions, those things honestly just make me more upset.

7 thoughts on “On Friends and Heartbreak

  1. Heartbreak sucks. Don’t let anyone tell you different. Cry, grieve, be pissed…whatever you need to do. Heartbreak is a part of living, and passing it off as something less than what it is is an insult to everything that came before and everything that is happening now. That said, I do hope you find a way to access a friend who will hug, cry with you, or both.

    Ah brunch. Where to begin. Ummmm, today I choose the double Strawberry chocolate Sunday with a side of beer battered fries to dip in it.

  2. I love brunch! I have a group of girlfriends that meets once a month at a friends house for beautiful potluck lunches. Last month I made the Pioneer woman’s baked french toast. Oh. My. Goodness. New favorite dish for brunch, hands down!

  3. So I totally shop at that TJs and have been to Bongo on more than once occasion. During the fall they have zucchini pancakes that might just be the best thing ever (just a heads up :P). Their croissant sandwich is good too if you’re looking for something savory.

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