Halfway to Half

Being the outstanding math student that I’ve always been, on today’s seven mile run I thought to myself, “Wow, after my eight miler in two weeks I’ll be halfway to 13.1 miles! This is crazy!”

As it happens, seven is actually more than half of 13. So there’s that.

Moving on…

I had another really fantastic week of half marathon training. My schedule and the weather worked out perfectly to give me the chance to work out outside without dying, which is really the way I prefer my workouts to go.

I had my first weekday four miler on Monday. On Monday, as it happens, I had to go to a meeting for work at 10:45 in a different place than my normal office. Originally, I planned to sleep in on Monday and get up in time to go to the meeting, but as I was walking home from church Sunday evening, I was thinking about how much my four miler was going to suck, given the predicted heat for Monday. Then, in a rare moment of genius, I realized I could get up at my normal time, run, shower, and still get to my meeting on time, thus avoiding Monday afternoon’s heat.

That turned out to be one of the smarter ideas I’ve had in awhile. I had a phenomenal four miler on Monday. It was the fastest four miler I’ve ever run. I don’t know what to credit for my speed–the weather, the morning, the fact that I knew I had limited time to get everything done–but whatever the cause, I was thrilled with my time.

Aww yeah 🙂

My volleyball team had its first game on Tuesday evening, so I counted that as cross training. I ended up not really getting the workout I had hoped for, but it’s all right. My team got smoked, unfortunately, and I discovered that volleyballs are a lot harder than I remember them being, but I had a good time regardless.

Because I had semi-official plans to run a 5K on Thursday, I swapped my normal Wednesday run for my normal Thursday cross training. For the first time in over a week, I actually had the chance to really cross train, and it. was. awesome! Except for the whole un-air-conditioned workout room part. I ellipticaled for 15 minutes (because that’s the longest the machine will let you go? Dumb. I mean, I could do two sets of 15, I suppose, but still. Dumb) and then returned to my apartment and did two sets of the following workouts:

I was a hot sweaty mess by the end of it. It was SO nice to finally strength train, though. Strength training is important to me, so I try to make a point of incorporating it into my training for races, but it’s not always easy.

Thursday, of course, I ran a 5K. I also got some sweet Gatorade swag courtesy of one of my co-workers, who actually received this in the mail but didn’t want it.

I toyed with the idea of wearing the gear belt for my run today, but I opted to just go with the handheld Nathan I bought right before training started (definitely one of my smarter decisions — that thing has been a lifesaver on super hot runs). Gear belts just look uncomfortable to me. I guess I’ll never really know how I feel about them until I actually put on one, of course.

I had seven miler this morning: my first seven miler since the end of April. I wasn’t quite as pumped for my seven miler as I was for last week’s six miler, but the run went all right. The weather was very nice, though I wouldn’t have minded a little less sun, especially since a solid three of my seven miles were in full sun. My hip didn’t bother me until I stopped running, unlike last week. My chest did start to hurt at 5.75 miles (the same breathing problems I’ve had before), but I was able to keep going.

I realize that when I run my half marathon, my pacing will be a bit different than it was today, but right now I absolutely cannot comprehend running farther than seven miles. I was shot by the time I finished my run. I also know that when I run my half marathon, I’m probably going to need fuel along the run. I’ve never tried Gu, Clif Shots, Clif Bloks, or any of that business before because I’ve never run long enough to need it. I know you’re supposed to refuel after about an hour, but since my seven miler only lasted 18 minutes more than an hour, it didn’t seem necessary. On my eight miler, however, I definitely think I’m going to at least give the Gatorade things I have a shot. I don’t know how I’ll handle them, but I feel like now’s the time to figure out what I like and don’t like so I’ll be prepared for my half.

Next week is supposed to be another doozy heat wise. Monday’s run in particular is going to be killer. Fortunately, next Saturday’s forecast looks great, which is fantastic because next week is the BTN Big 10K! I’ve been looking forward to this race since I first heard about it, so I’m stoked that we’re less than a week from race day! Also, I looked at the course map, and there’s a slip and slide at the halfway point. Whut. Best thing ever.

I’m really bad at coming up with questions for these kind of posts, so this is me pretending to write a question. Feel free to comment on whatever strikes your fancy haha 🙂

5 thoughts on “Halfway to Half

  1. I’m glad you had a good week of training! I’ve always had trouble digesting gu’s/shot blocks/ etc. so I usually bring dried fruit (dates or figs usually) without added sugar. They give me the energy boost I need without some of the more processed stuff that upsets my stomach. It is much easier to just buy shot blocks or gels though (especially at expos) so use whatever works best for you!

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