Thursday Things

First of all, I was over the moon this morning when I saw Meghann included my meal planning tips in one of her blog posts yesterday. I really enjoy reading her blog and feel beyond honored to have been linked to in one of her posts. Hello to any Meals and Miles runners who’ve happened to stop by! I’m thrilled to have you here 🙂

On to Thursday Things.

1. I may or may not be running a 5K today.


Normally I have these things planned at least a week in advance, but I’m still iffy on tonight. The weather is questionable, but I skipped yesterday’s four miler in anticipation of running today, so…we’ll see. I’m also not registered for the race yet, so there’s that. If you happen to be at Run for the Kids tonight in Chicago, maybe I’ll see you there?

2. This morning at work, the UPS man had me sign for a package addressed to co-worker (being one of the first desks you encounter in the office, this happens often). The package was full of Gatorade gear: a water bottle, flash drive, gear belt, chews, etc., and my co-worker didn’t want it. So guess who found herself with a bunch of free Gatorade gear? I don’t bring my camera to work so I don’t have a photo of my swag right now, but hopefully later. I’m quite excited about it 🙂

3. I’m a member of HauteLook, and in today’s e-mail they said they had New Balance shoes on sale. My running shoes are New Balance, and even though I’m not in the market for new kicks, I thought I would look at their selection anyway.

Those are my running shoes. See the crossed off $100? Yeah, that’s how much I paid for my shoes. My inner miser is dying so much right now. Granted, I got my shoes almost a full year ago and HauteLook didn’t have them in my size, so it doesn’t really apply to me that much…but still. Ouch.

Have any races coming up this weekend? I know Rock ‘n’ Roll hits Chicago on Sunday. I’m not running it, but one of my roommates is!
What do you do when you bought something, only to find out it went on sale later? Obviously the ship has long since sailed on these shoes, but even if it hadn’t, I still would’ve kept the ones I bought for full price. I’d feel weird returning something and buying it again at a cheaper price.

2 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. If I were you I’d buy the cheap shoes and save them for when my current ones broke down. Brands change shoes too often and often later models aren’t the same as the original. If you find a good pair, I say stock up!

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