The past few days have been a master class in learning to roll with the punches. Even though I market myself as someone who believes in going with the flow, I think the last week showed me that I’m not quite as flexible as I thought.

My weekend of un-planning really began on Wednesday, when I found out my plans to cross train on Thursday would not pan out because I was going to the U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. That frustrated me for all of two minutes before I came to my senses and realized I was going to the U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.

A co-worker and I went to the event, and neither one of us really knew what to expect. We followed the crowd down to the main floor of the Harris Theater and settled into seats near the back of the auditorium. Immediately before the show began, though, a staffer came up to us and those around us, saying that there were seats closer to the stage and would we like to move? We ended up in the reserved seats section of the auditorium for the rest of the event.

None of my all-time favorite Olympians were inducted into the Hall of Fame this year, but it was still an awesome experience to see so many dedicated athletes in the space of two hours. Without question, Kristine Lilly’s induction with Mia Hamm’s introduction was the highlight of the show for me.

I played soccer for nine years, and I idolized the U.S. Women’s Team when I was younger. I remember watching the 1999 World Cup and thinking that some day, I could be one of those women (a little delusional, given my strictly-AYSO soccer upbringing, but you know. An eight year old can dream). I don’t remember which player was my favorite, but know I always looked up to Mia Hamm. Since the Induction Ceremony was formal, I managed to keep my fangirly-ness in check…but just barely.

On Friday, one of my former roommates was in town with her parents, so we all went out for dinner. Her parents charged me with picking the restaurant, so after a lot of Yelping I settled on Taverna 750.

HOLY SMOKES, Y’ALL. Maybe it’s just because I had cooked for myself nearly every meal since I moved three weeks ago, but the food was out of this world. I absolutely love tapas-style dining and I absolutely love Italian food, so Taverna 750 was the best of both worlds for me. I didn’t take any pictures (the lighting was too low to take anything decent anyway), but we ordered the mozzarella alla phyllo, pesto and goat cheese bruschetta, spinach penne, hanger steak, and a seared fish that was the day’s special. I personally liked the mozzarella alla phyllo best, but every single dish was phenomenal. We also split a lava cake for dessert, which was sinfully delicious. Our waiter was also top-notch. If you’re ever in the Boystown area of Lakeview, I highly recommend checking out Taverna 750.

I had all sorts of big plans for the rest of my weekend, including Taste of Chicago, the Windy City RibFest in Uptown, and the Chinatown Summer Fair. I ended up attending none of the above. Saturday’s weather was a little hit or miss, I was feeling stingy, and my tourist tolerance was pretty low, so I decided to forego Taste and RibFest.

I also ended up skipping the Chinatown Summer Fest due to apartment complications. As I mentioned on Saturday, renewing our lease has turned out to be an exceptionally challenging process. Since Friday morning, I haven’t known whether or not I’ll be living in my current apartment after August, and my stress and frustration levels have been off the charts as a result. Moving is a hassle I can’t afford financially or time-wise, but at this point I’m almost ready to move simply out of protest. Things are beginning to look promising for our chances of staying, but we probably won’t know anything for sure until Thursday or Friday. In the mean time, I’m continuing to check Craigslist obsessively and bookmark every listing in my price range and ideal neighborhoods.

Did you look up to any athletes when you were younger? I was never a figure skater, but I worshiped Tara Lipinski. I cut out every single mention of her in the newspaper and hung up each article on the wall next to my bed.
What’s your favorite kind of food?

4 thoughts on “Unplanned

    • You know, I honestly think you’re one of the first people I’ve ever known that looked up to women’s basketball players, and I think that’s so cool. Women’s basketball may not have quite the same level of excitement as men’s, but I really enjoyed going to women’s games when I was in college. I don’t think women’s basketball gets the credit it deserves.

  1. Ditto to the apartment stuff. Not being certain of a roof, be it a future roof, is a huge stressor. Hope everything turns out well.

    I loved that beautiful Bulls team. Jordan, Rodman, Pippen, Jackson…oh man. Noth much of a sports person, but they captivated me.

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