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I’m happy to report that after last week’s horrific, I-hate-running-and-life-in-general-because-it’s-2039423-degrees experience, this week was the exact opposite.

I desperately wanted to go for a run on Monday, but my volleyball team mixer kept that from happening. I either had time to run and eat (but not shower) or shower and eat (but not run). Since I wanted to make a decent first impression on my teammates, I opted for the shower and eating route.

Tuesday, then, I was ready to GO. I took all of five minutes to get ready for my run after I got home from work and then I was out the door. My run on Tuesday was everything that really all of my runs in Chicago up to this point have not been. It was steady, it felt good, and most importantly, it didn’t make me question why on earth I wanted to run a half marathon. So that was nice. I also rediscovered this gem that I picked up at the marathon last year, so I wore it all week and pretended to be a marathoner.

I’m normally not a hat person, but I’ve really loved how this has kept the sun and sweat out of my eyes. I thin kI’m going to be in the market for more running hats soon.

Normally I cross-train the days after I run, but since this past week I was still only running three miles during the week, I went for my second run on Wednesday (which turned out to be a good thing…more on that in a second). If Tuesday’s run felt good, Wednesday’s run felt nearly perfect. It was without question the best run I’ve had since I moved and since I started training. I deviated from my normal running route, which both kept the scenery interesting and gave me some awesome views of the city.


Feel free to pretend that man is me.

And in case all of this wasn’t enough, check this out:

Negative splits, y’all! (The last two seconds don’t count). I’ve never run negative splits on a training run. I was over the moon. #runnerd

I had every intention of cross training on Thursday, until Wednesday, when my boss asked me a co-worker and I if we’d like to go to the U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. I’ll be honest: I actually did consider saying no so I could cross train, especially since I hadn’t cross trained all week. I then realized that once working out starts to take precedence over once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, you’re definitely heading in a bad direction. So no cross training Thursday.

I would’ve cross trained on Friday, but a former roommate was in town, so that didn’t happen. Goodness knows I could’ve used a good sweat session, though: yesterday morning I was greeted by a letter from the management outside my door, telling me that my lease was up on August 31, so I had better get my booty out of the apartment before then. Which I knew…except my roommates and I had already told the management that we wanted to renew our lease. Yesterday was filled with professional-yet-angry e-mail sending, professional-yet-angry phone calls, and lots and lots of stress. I don’t know exactly what’s going to happen with that whole situation, but my roommates and I worked very hard all of last night to get all of our ducks in a row, so hopefully we’ll be able to renew. Otherwise I’m in major trouble, because I really, really cannot move Labor Day weekend. One week before my half? Yeah. Moving can’t be anywhere near my priority list that weekend.


Today I had my six miler. I haven’t run more than four miles straight since my 10K in May. When training for my 10K, my six and seven milers were my favorite runs, so I was really excited to have another long run.

My Garmin has taken to being extremely annoying with satellites lately, and today was no exception. It picked up a signal way earlier than normal but then lost the signal right before I started to run. The time looked normal, though, so I started running anyway. It took my Garmin a bit to figure out what was going on, and because of that it measured my first mile completely wrong. It was a nice ego boost, having my Garmin tell me I ran a 9:16 mile, but common sense told me my Garmin was definitely off. My Garmin began behaving after that, so I at least know my paces more or less for the other five miles of my run, but I was kind of winging it on distance. I did and out-and-back-and-out-and-back run today, where I basically started in the middle of my course, ran 1.5 miles one way, came back and continued 1.5 miles in the opposite direction from my starting point and then returned to the beginning. Thankfully I had a pretty good idea of where the 1.5 mile mark was in each direction, so I could more or less wing it. I think I ended up running around 6.3 miles this morning, which is fine.

I felt pretty great until about mile four-ish of my run. My right hip thought that would be a cool time to start getting sore, so that was dumb. I was definitely doing the always-attractive post-marathon waddle on my walk home because my hip was SO tight.

Except, you know, I ran 20 less miles than marathoners, so instead of feeling super hardcore I more just felt ow. Haha. Between this and the hat, I am such a marathon poser 😛

Overall, though, this week was 10 million times better than last week. I know next week will probably be another difficult one if the forecast holds true, because it looks like we’re in for another bout of stupid hot weather. I read a really great article on Runner’s World about the benefits of training in the heat this week, though, so maybe that will help me keep my motivation up through less-than-ideal conditions.

Please tell me I’m not the only poser out there who wears clothes from races she didn’t actually run…haha.
Tell me about your week! Anything at all!

2 thoughts on “Morale Booster

  1. Great training week! It’s amazing how much the weather can affect runs isn’t it? I’m less than thrilled about next weeks forecast, I’m nervous this summer is just going to keep getting hotter. It’s usually not like this until August.

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