I’m a Big Girl Now

Well, folks, I think it’s dangerously close to being time to declare myself a big girl.

Yes, after 21 long years I am finally potty trained 😉 Haha. No worries: I crossed that bridge a long time ago, but I remember when I seeing these commercials when I was itty bitty and wanting so badly to be a big kid.

I’m a big girl in a much more serious sense now. Yesterday, I started my big girl job.


Done, Uncle Sam. What a patriot I am 😛

I think it’s a little too soon to make sweeping generalizations on how I feel about my job, but in the day and a half I’ve worked thus far, it hasn’t been bad. The hardest part up to this point has been not knowing what to do. My boss telecommutes, which is to say he doesn’t even live in my time zone. I suppose that’s nice in the sense that I have freedom, but it can also make finding work tricky, especially when I’m still learning the ropes. Thankfully, this telecommuting thing is very temporary. In about six weeks, the place I work for is restructuring the staff, you could say. Don’t worry: I know for a fact that I’m not losing my job in the process. I do know, though, that my responsibilities will change significantly when the restructuring is over, which means that right now I’m in a rather ambiguous what-exactly-are-my-duties? sort of place. It’s complicated and exciting all at once.

I expected to work a full day today, but around 1:00 everyone packed up and left for the holiday, so I got out of work early as well. With my unexpected free time, I made a very necessary Jewel run to get some necessary items for tomorrow and completed my workout/post-workout shower before 7, unlike yesterday. This whole working-out-after-work thing is definitely going to take some getting used to.


I think I need to print that and tape it to my laptop haha.

For those of you concerned about the state of my mental health, it’s definitely improving. I went back to my old Chicago church on Sunday, and that alleviated my loneliness by leaps and bounds. Truth be told, I’m not exactly wild about certain aspects of that particular church. It’s a bit too traditional for me, and the preaching is very, very fire-and-brimstone, early 1800s Calvinism conservative, which is not what I’m used to and not what I would necessarily seek out. However, the community I found there the first time I lived in Chicago was one of the greatest blessings of my semester in the city, and being welcomed back with such enthusiasm on Sunday was the highlight of my first week here. Even though the service style may not be my favorite, it doesn’t bother me to the point where I’m unable to worship sincerely, learn, and be forced to seriously think about what I believe. Personally, I think those elements are more important in a church than some others, so I’m willing to continue attending services there, at least for the time being.

Any exciting plans for the Fourth of July?

6 thoughts on “I’m a Big Girl Now

  1. Congrats on the big girl job!! I found it really difficult to make friends in Chicago at first, but after reaching out to groups in the area it became easier.

    I’m going to the beach today, it’s really too hot to do much else. Have a great holiday 🙂

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