Thursday Things

1. Remember when I went to the dairy on Memorial Day?

Part of the day’s festivities included an ice cream flavor creation contest, where you could submit an idea for any kind of ice cream. Never one to turn down the opportunity for fame, glory, and free ice cream, I created a flavor I called Scotland Yard, with a mint base (grass), shortbread pieces (all over the place in Scotland), and white and dark chocolate chunks (“sheep”).

This afternoon I got a phone call letting me know I had won! I thought my idea was creative, but I really didn’t expect to win, so that was a very exciting phone call to receive.

In addition to now making and selling that flavor of ice cream at the dairy, I also won three gallons of my flavor. Which is awesome, except for the whole I-live-in-Chicago-now thing. So my parents will be picking up three gallons of ice cream, and hopefully there will still be some when I’m home next 😉

2. It is ca-razy hot in Chicago. Actually, it’s ca-razy hot all over the place, but this is just awful.


When I was looking for a place to live in the city, my number one non-negotiable requirement was air conditioning. I am beyond thankful that I have a beautiful A/C unit eating up half of my window right now, because I don’t know how I would survive this if I didn’t.

And as much as I miss camp, I’m not gonna lie: I don’t miss it AT ALL on days like today.

3. Pro tip: when making a major move, it’s best to verify that you have your wallet with you before you leave your original location, not after.

I may or may not have left my wallet at home when I moved on Monday. Decidedly poor life choices. Thankfully my parents are the most wonderful individuals around and promptly returned my wallet to me, so I am no longer completely grounded moneyless, ID-less loser stuck in my apartment because there was literally no way I could do anything.

Have you ever won a cool contest?
How do you deal with crazy heat?

6 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. Your ice cream flavor sounds awesome! I don’t think I’ve ever won anything as cool as that :).

    Also, AC is a must in the Chicago area right now. I couldn’t imagine living without it (I’d be spending as much time as possible at work/in Starbucks)

    • Oh my gosh I know. Our power was actually out for a couple of hours this morning, and I was freaking out about how on earth I’d survive today with no air conditioning. I don’t really know anyone in the city (obviously, since I just moved in three days ago haha), but I have some friends from college that live in the suburbs and I had every intention of calling one of them to see if I could spend the night at their place if our power stayed out all day. Thankfully that didn’t happen!

  2. That ice cream flavor sounds awesome! Of course you won 🙂 I’ve never won a contest based on creativity, mainly athletic stuff. Like during freshman year, I won a half court line shot and won 50 bucks to Nordstrom plus extra gift cards!

  3. Congrats on winning that contest – that is awesome!! Once when I was little I won a drawing at the library and got two Cardinals baseball tickets. I was beyond excited 🙂

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