Thursday Things

1. Six Sterilites and three weeks later, I’m finally almost ready to move.

Today, my strength training consisted of carrying all of those down to the basement. I didn’t think to weigh them until the last one, and it clocked in about 35 lbs. It was also easily one of the lighter ones of the six. I imagine it was good practice for when I have to move the rest of my things into my apartment. Have I mentioned how much I hate moving?

2. I’ve found all sorts of wonderful things in my packing process:

I didn’t have the heart to throw that away.

The best thing I found, though, was in a small box in my nightstand:

Don’t get too excited: this ring is 100% plastic. I completely forgot about it, though, and I flipped out when I saw it. Aside from the “gold,” this is exactly what my fantasy engagement ring looks like. I absolutely have not worn this ring on my left hand whenever I’ve had the chance to do so discreetly since discovering it and admired how awesome it looks.


3. I found this on Pinterest this morning and it’s way, way too good to not share:

original source

I know I’m not the only single girl out there who’s thought about details of her hypothetical future wedding: what’s something from your fantasy wedding?
What’s the best thing you’ve found on Pinterest recently? 
I’m also a big fan of this:

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