Lovely Facts!

First things first: a mountain of thanks to Emily over at Living and Learning for nominating me for this award. I see these fact award things floating around the blogging community often, but I’ve never considered myself to be cool enough to actually be nominated for one. So thanks, Emily, for making me feel cool!

**Edited to add: Another mountain of thanks to Haley from Health Freak College Girl, who’s been upgraded from nominee to awesome nominator, since she nominated me for this as well, I just failed to notice that before posting. You’re fantastic, Haley! 🙂

1. My go-to fun fact: my eyelashes are different colors. See?

Sorry that this turned out kind of creepy looking…

I used to think I was the only person in the world like this. Then I worked at summer camp and met not one but two other people with different colored eyelashes. Then I Googled it and discovered I’m far from alone. Sometimes I like it, most of the time I don’t. I think it makes me look weird, so it’s definitely not my favorite trait about myself. My left eyebrow also has bits of blonde in it, which makes it look like I plucked my eyebrows in a dark closet with no mirror. Usually, though, people think it’s really cool when I tell them about it, so that’s nice.

2. Once upon a time, I auditioned for a TV show.


Did anyone else watch Endurance back in the day? I was CRAZY about it. I would’ve been on Endurance: High Sierras if I had made it. Unfortunately my audition tape was about as exciting as watching paint dry, so I didn’t get any callbacks. What could have been…

3. Speaking of TV shows, I’ve never been more passionate about a TV show than I was about American Juniors.


American Juniors aired during the Summer of 2003, and I was head-over-heels obsessed with it. To this day I can rattle off just about anything you want to know about the show and its participants–in fact, I could probably tell you far more than you ever wanted to know. Lucy Hale (Pretty Little Liars), Taylor and Tori Thompson (The Voice), Katelyn Tarver (Big Time Rush), and Kristinia DeBarge (Goodbye) all got their start on American Juniors. I like to say that I knew them before they were famous 😉

4. I’ve always wanted to be an athlete. I played basketball, volleyball, and ran cross country for two years, ran track for five years, and played soccer for nine years. Unfortunately, I was terrible at all of them. Instead of being an all-star athlete, in high school I became an all-star superfan. In college I became a sportswriter because I’m good at writing and I’m good at being a superfan, so it seemed like a natural step. Also, sitting with the press at games made me feel cool, so there’s that.

5. I’ve played the trumpet for about eleven and a half years now. I used to be semi-serious about it: first chair in my high school band for three years, private lessons, solo and ensemble–all that business. I took lessons for two semesters in college, but I really didn’t like my teacher, so I quit lessons but stayed in band. I hated band more and more as time went on, to the point where last semester I was Little Miss Complainy Pants every time we had rehearsal. I kept at it because it’s the longest I’ve ever stuck with anything, so I didn’t want to give up. I’m far too stubborn.

6. I majored in English in college (essentially English Literature, because all but two of my English classes were lit classes), but I didn’t actually enjoy reading literature until senior year. Weird, right? I like modern literature more than ancient literature, and I like American literature more than any other literature, but I didn’t take modern lit or American lit classes until senior year. Better late than never?

7. I studied Spanish for all four years of high school and college (ish…I didn’t take a Spanish class in Spring 2011 or Spring 2012, but in Spring 2012 I led a conversation group, so I was still involved in the department). I’m not fluent in listening and speaking, but I can definitely hold my own in reading and writing. Me encanta la lengua.

So there you have it! Seven fun facts about yours truly. I’m supposed to tag seven people at this point [which I initially did, until I edited the post 😉 ]. Apologies if you’ve already been tagged, and feel free to ignore it if you’d like — I’m basically just going to use this to highlight a few of my favorite blogs as of late.

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What’s your go-to fun fact?

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