Social Butterfly

Since I graduated one month minus one day ago, I haven’t had a particularly packed social calendar. I’ve spent time with my friends on a few occasions, but for the most part, my interaction with other people has been mostly family-focused since graduation.

I more than made up for that over the past three days.

Saturday was a packed day. I was in a short parade early in the morning with a bunch of former co-workers. It was great to see them, but unfortunately I couldn’t spend too much time with them, because Saturday was my Wedding Chaos Day.

I briefly mentioned this once or twice before, but both my best friend from childhood and my actual roommate (as in, the one I shared a bedroom with in addition to an apartment) from this past year got married on Saturday. Both of their weddings were at 4 p.m. Quite the dilemma!

Except not really. For one thing, I was playing the trumpet in my best friend from childhood’s wedding, so I had to be there.

My friend’s wedding was simply beautiful. I haven’t been to a wedding in eight years, so I suppose I don’t have much to compare it to, but it truly was lovely. My friend is crazy about Gilmore Girls, so she chose to have yellow daisies for nearly all of her flowers (because this has some significance? Having watched one Gilmore Girls episode in my life, all the deeper meaning was lost on me, but I’m sure my friend knew exactly what she was doing).

I actually held it together through the ceremony much better than I expected to (the fact that I couldn’t watch my friend walk down the aisle because I was playing probably helped with that 😉 ). I only cried when they lit their unity candle and took communion, which was pretty impressive since I could barely keep my emotions under control through the whole rehearsal.

My friend’s husband is a huge Star Wars fan, so the two of them recessed to The Throne Room. I’ve never seen Star Wars either, so again, any deeper significance was lost on me, but I really thought it was a perfect song to recess to, especially if you have a trumpeter. Something to think about if you’re a bride-to-be! (If I weren’t set on recessing to Tocatta in F by Widor, I would definitely consider The Throne Room. Feel free to ignore the fact that I’m not even anywhere close to being in a relationship, let alone engaged, but yet still know what song I want to recess to. Ahem.)

After my friend and her husband left the church, I got in my car and headed off to my roommate’s reception. I hit some construction on the way and was definitely concerned that I’d arrive at a really awkward time (like when the wedding party was entering, for example), but thankfully I not only beat them to the reception but also arrived at the same time as all my other roommates from this year!

My roommates and I had a fantastic time at the reception. I hadn’t seen any of them since graduation, so it was wonderful to catch up and dance the night away!

One of the roommates lives much closer to the reception than the rest of us, so we spent the night at her place. We hung out for awhile on Sunday as well. The weather was great, so we had lunch on the deck. This seemed like a good idea at the time, but a few hours later I regretted both my lack of sunscreen and my decision to wear a half-sleeve cardigan on the deck.

Ouch 😦

Later on Sunday afternoon, I spent a couple of hours with another one of my friends from college (the same one I’m running the half marathon with in September!). We wandered around town and talked each others’ ears off until I had to leave. It was perfect 🙂

On Monday, I headed back to my college town to spend time with a couple other friends. I had breakfast with one (my 10K friend) and dinner with another, but that left me with a lot of time on my hands in between. Conveniently, a movie theatre not too far away was still playing The Hunger Games, so how to spend that time was a no-brainer 😉

I’m not always a fan of movie versions of books, but can I just say that I LOVED the movie? Yeah, there were the minor difference from the book, but I really didn’t mind them (for the most part). I definitely loved all of the “behind-the-scenes” parts, if you will, with President Snow and Seneca. I thought that added a really cool dimension to the story that you miss in the book because of its point of view. It also provided me with my new favorite quote of the moment:

Source via Pinterest


Also, I just want you all to know that I am not too strong to admit that I was crying like a baby when they showed District 11. That whole scene didn’t get to me too much in the book, but man. I was a mess in the movie theatre, that’s for sure.

Been to any weddings lately? Do you have ideas in mind for your own wedding, even if you’re not close to being engaged (like me, haha)?
I realize this is a late question, but since I’m just getting on The Hunger Games craze: what’d you think of the movie?

5 thoughts on “Social Butterfly

    • Right?! And it’s not like one of them was just a sort-of friend or something where it’d be easy to skip their wedding without them minding. Who knew these things happened outside of chick flicks? I actually had three friends getting married that day, but I only see the third one about once every other year because she lives (and was getting married) several states away. Crazy!

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