Thursday Things

1. This has been my life lately.

Now don’t get me wrong: I’m thrilled to move to Chicago. However, I’d be much more thrilled about moving to Chicago if I could magically transport all of my things from my current bedroom to my new apartment using only my mind powers. I’ve known since my freshman year of college that moving sucks. Turns out moving out for good sucks a whole lot more than moving to college for a year.

2. Remember last week’s baby woodchucks? It gets better, folks. Much, much better.

*squeals* Do you see how itty bitty that baby deer is?? It can’t be much bigger than my dog. It must have just been born. All those speckles! BAH. Can’t even handle it. (S)he was hopping all around the yard this afternoon, and I nearly died. Mama Deer made a reappearance later in the day, but Bambi has yet to emerge from the woods again. I may or may not have spent a good portion of today staring out the window, waiting for my new favorite woodland creature to stumble around like the precious little fawn it is.

3. I had a Hunger Games dream last night. Actually, two Hunger Games dreams. It was AWESOME. Except for the fact that one of my best friends was also in the dream, which meant either I had to kill my friend, my friend had to kill me, or someone else had to kill my friend. That was really distressing. It was one of those scary realistic dreams, too. Obsessed much? I’m going to Target tomorrow because I need things that they have on sale for my apartment/packing, and yesterday I conveniently rediscovered Christmas money that has been hiding in my purse. The Hunger Games soundtrack conveniently happens to be on sale at Target (I still prefer to buy physical copies of full CDs rather than downloading them), and, if the odds are in my favor (hehe), they’ll also have Catching Fire and Mockingjay. Fingers crossed!

Have you ever made a major move? How did you stay sane during the packing process?
Favorite baby animal?
 I’ve seen a lot lately, between my yard and our Memorial Day trip to the dairy, and I think the fawn takes the cake so far. Its inability to walk like a normal deer is what gets me. And its size! SO little!

9 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. ahhh bambi!!!! so cute, I too would have been seated by the window all day waiting for a reapperance! good luck with the move – the best advice i can give is try to “spring clean” while you pack & getting rid of those things that you no longer use and/or need.

    • I’m workin on it! I’m just way too sentimental about…everything. Haha. I’m trying to think big picture here: am I really going to care about this chocolate wrapper that has my high school’s name on it in 20 years? Probably not. Other things I’m not so good with. I may or may not have decided to keep every letter I’ve ever received since like third grade. Hm. Haha.

  2. No, haven’t made a MAJOR move yet. I’ve moved to a house about 1 1/2 hours away for college. After college I’m planning on moving from Indiana to Florida…kind of major… 😉
    I personally prefer buying physical copies of cds too! Except I’m super glad they have the digital versions too! Because I was tired of buying an entire album for just one or two songs! 😀 Saves me a TON of money!
    Good luck on the move and settling in!

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