Memorial Day Weekend

Generally speaking, my Memorial Day weekends are mostly uneventful. Last year, in fact, I even forgot about Memorial Day, as I was in Scotland at the time. This year, though, my weekend was packed!

On Friday, a friend and I went to Chicago for another friend’s bachelorette party (the friend whose wedding I’m playing my trumpet in on Saturday). I’ve just hit the age where my peers are beginning to get married, so this was only my second bachelorette party. This one was so far above and beyond the first one I attended, though. We started the night at my friend’s sister’s house with an amazing spread of food and present opening. After an hour or so, we headed downtown for a boat tour!

Our tour was through Wendella Boats, and I absolutely loved it. We started at Michigan Ave. and went down the river to between Adams and Van Buren before turning around and heading back to the lake. I lived in the Loop when I spent my semester in Chicago and I loved seeing the buildings that used to be a part of the scenery of my daily commute from the river. Unfortunately, most of the bachelorette party was more interested in socializing than learning about the city’s architecture, so I could only catch bits and pieces of the things the captain told us about the buildings. Nevertheless, it was still a blast to see the city from the river.

We continued on the river all the way out to the lake. We went about as far north as the Hancock Building and as far south as the Museum Campus before heading back to the river, so we were able to see a ton of the city. Even though I’ve been the city plenty of times, I’ve never actually seen it from the lake, and I certainly haven’t seen it from the lake at night. It was breathtaking.

I simply cannot wait to call this place home.

After our boat tour, we went down to Chinatown and hit up a karaoke bar. This was probably my least favorite part of the night. Since I have no taste for alcohol and no desire to drop $10 on something I don’t like, I mostly sat around and chatted with my friend’s pregnant sister-in-law, who obviously wasn’t drinking either. By the end of it, I was fighting to keep my eyes open, but it was clear that my friend and everyone else had had a fantastic time there, and that’s what really matters 🙂

After a very short night of sleep on a half-inflated air mattress, I came home and focused all my energy on keeping my eyes open for the rest of the day 😉 . This girl needs eight hours of sleep!

Sunday was uneventful until I headed to bed, when I noticed something strange on my dog’s neck. I thought he might have cut himself on something, because it almost looked like a scab under his fur, but after investigating I saw that the scab had legs, which seemed distinctly un-scab-like. It did, however, seem distinctly tick-like.

This was not the first time I’d ever found a tick (hooray summer camp!), nor was it the first time I’d ever found a tick on my dog, but I still freaked out. I really stop liking creatures once they have more than four legs, but I have absolutely no tolerance for creatures with more than six legs, and ticks fall into that category. I had to get it off, though, so I recruited my sister’s help to keep my dog distracted while I trimmed his fur and pulled the tick off. This proved to be quite the task (mostly because I was shaking and/or crying the entire time…12:30 a.m. is not my best hour for these sorts of things), but thankfully it hadn’t bit him yet and I was able to get it off with relative ease.

On Memorial Day, my family went to a dairy farm in the areaish that has a Memorial Day celebration every year.

I’ve been a huge fan of this dairy for several years. Not only do they have the best milk products I’ve ever tasted, but they also have a petting zoo. For someone who loves small fuzzy critters as much as me, that’s a very important feature.

I consumed some fantastic food while we were there, including the richest chocolate milk of my life…

…and the best ice cream of my life: Chocoholic ice cream covered in melted peanut butter and whipped cream. Yes freaking please.

Let’s just say I definitely hit my daily recommended intake of calcium yesterday 😉

How did you spend your Memorial Day?

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