Thursday Things

I’ve never done a Thursday Things post before, and I make no promises for this becoming a regular thing, but here we go.

1. There are baby woodchucks in my backyard. My inner small-fuzzy-critter lover can’t even handle the cuteness.


2. I started reading The Hunger Games 23 hours ago.

I’m already more than halfway through the book. I also may or may not have stayed up until 2 a.m. this morning reading. Sorry I’m not sorry.

3. Pro Tip for any brides-to-be that are reading this: If you want a trumpeter in your wedding (which is really less of a suggestion than it is a statement: you want a trumpeter in your wedding) and plan to have said trumpeter play Trumpet Voluntary as you walk down the aisle, for the love of beautiful music, find an arrangement that is not in the key of D major.

See the tr with the squiggily? That means trill. Do you know how difficult an E to F# trill is? No, you don’t. Well, take it from the girl who’s spent more time practicing that stupid trill for the past three weeks than she has spent time practicing anything trumpet related for the past two years (which, admittedly, is really not saying much): it’s hard. Real hard. And sounds real bad when it’s messed up. I’m sure you want your walk down the aisle to be memorable, and I’m also sure you don’t want it to be memorable because the trumpeter sounded terrible. Have mercy on our poor faces and find a friendlier arrangement.

Or, you know, find a trumpeter that’s actually a professional, i.e.: not me. I’m playing in my best childhood friend’s wedding next Saturday. I’m truly flattered that she asked me to do that for her, and I’m thrilled to have a part in the wedding, but my goal is to be as forgettable as possible. I plan to accomplish that by not messing up. Now if only I could conquer that stupid trill…

Have you ever been in a wedding?
Thoughts on buying the next two Hunger Games books? I’m not much of a book buyer, but I’m never going to get my hands on the library’s copies until like 2014.

15 thoughts on “Thursday Things

    • Oh, for sure. I had no idea how much I had read until I looked down at the page numbers and was like, wait, what? How am I already 100 pages in?? Haha. Suzanne Collins has mastered the art of ending each chapter on a cliffhanger, so you can’t stop! (Also, when I was reading last night, some of it was legitimately freaking me out, so I had to get to a not-scary part so I wouldn’t have nightmares haha!)

  1. Good luck with the trumpet I’m sure you will nail it and your friend will love it. What a honor! As for the hunger games you have to buy the rest. Thu are worth it and trust me you’ll be dying to know what happens and won’t be able to put them down either (:

    • Thanks for the encouragement! 🙂

      I know, I have a feeling the next time I’m out of the house, my car is going to magically drive itself to the nearest place that sells book and my bank account is going to also magically lose like $35. I hate it when that happens 😉

  2. I’ve debated reading the books or watching the movie just because they’re so popular. I’m curious what they’re all about! Another part of me wants to hold out though just because I have so far… weird right but I know very little about the plot or characters.

    • Oh no, I totally feel you. Fun fact: I’ve never read or seen any of the Harry Potter books or movies, and although part of it is not having much of a desire to read/see them, another part of it is that I like to be able to say that I haven’t. Such a terrible reason! I honestly probably would’ve done the same thing with The Hunger Games, but I knew they were dystopian, and I’ve got a weird thing for dystopias…1984, that sort of thing. Haha makes me sound like such a weirdo. Oh well 🙂

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