Rogue Reviews: The Woman in the Mirror

It’s that time again: another Rogue Review!

The Woman in the Mirror by Cynthia M. Bulik, Ph.D.


Unlike the other books I’ve reviewed up to this point, this is a work of non-fiction. I guess you could technically classify it as “self-help,” though I feel like that doesn’t really do this book justice. 

The Woman in the Mirror is, as the subtitle suggests, about self-esteem, body esteem, and how too often those two things become one in the same. The book argues that how you look should not define how you see yourself (a pretty solid argument, if you ask me). It not only talks about the things that can result from mixing the two of these things together but also helps you identify incidents in your life that have taught you that your body esteem has a direct correlation to your self-esteem.

Honestly, I think this book should be required for every single female who has ever gotten down on herself because of how she looked. Reading it once may not solve all your self-esteem problems, but it certainly gives you a lot to think about and a great place to begin working through what’s keeping you from loving yourself. Seriously. Go read this book.

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