Home Stretch (Again)

The last class of my formal education is on Friday.

I graduate from college next Sunday.

I run my first official 10K not this Saturday, not next Saturday, but the Saturday after that.

Hello there, life. Nice to see you.

The more I think about it, the more I like having my 10K right after graduation. It gives me something new to look forward to. Not that I don’t have a lot of new things to look forward to–again, saving that for another post–but right now my life is a bit consumed by lasts because from here on out, just about everything is my “last” in college. I’m not a very big fan of lasts, so it’s nice to have a first coming up.

Speaking of firsts, I PDR-ed again on Saturday. Seven miles! Because of various commitments I had to switch around my normal Saturday running time, and it made a world of difference. The weather was perfect, I was totally fired up, and it was just a really, really good run. And man, there’s nothing like a good run.

It was also nice to surpass that 10K mark to give myself a general idea of how fast I can expect to run it on race day. If my extraordinarily extensive previous racing experience (you know, all two races) is any indication, I’ll probably be running a bit faster than usual come race day, but a guesstimate is nice. It’s especially nice because last week I learned that my best friend’s bridal shower is the same day as the race. Story of my life with the various upcoming weddings I have (six, for those of you keeping track at home. Yes, I’m a senior in college. Yes, everyone getting married is either my age, one year older than me, or one year younger than me. Hope they all like coasters…) : everything’s double booked. Well, not everything, but a lot of things. Like wedding days. My life is a chick flick, don’t worry about it. Anyway, that was a long ramble to say it’s helpful to have an idea of how fast I’ll run so I can have an idea of whether or not it is at all realistic to plan on attending this bridal shower. May 12 promises to be quite the busy day!

What do you do when you have two big events scheduled for the same day? I honestly always try to make everything work, which isn’t often the greatest idea. I’m not very good at turning things down.

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