Rogue Reviews: Girls in Trucks

Lo and behold! A non-Scotland Rogue Review!

Girls in Trucks
by Katie Crouch


Girls in Trucks by Katie Crouch technically violates my Rogue Review rules, because I intended to review books that were not wildly popular (i.e.: I will not be doing a Hunger Games Rogue Review any time soon, nor will I be doing reviews of the many things I read in my American Literature classes. Unless, of course, you happen to have a burning desire to read one of my papers, in which case, we can be in touch 😉 ). Girls in Trucks is actually a New York Times Bestseller, but since I had never heard of it, we can just pretend like I’m not behind on what’s cool in books these days.

Girls in Trucks read in similar fashion to Normal People Don’t Live Like This in the way both books tell a cohesive story with somewhat disjointed chapters. In Girls in Trucks, the reader sees the main character, Sarah, from her preteen years as a debutante in South Carolina to her adulthood in New York. While we do learn a lot of her story, the book is much more character driven than plot driven, and because of that the book uses a series of episodes to tell Sarah’s life story.

The book is emotionally heavy at times, but there were several nights when I struggled to put it down. Crouch drew me in and had me invested in Sarah and her adventures and misfortunes in love and life. As someone distinctly not Southern, I enjoyed having a window into this life and the new perspective it gave me on Northerners from an author who spent much of her life in Charleston.  Girls in Trucks is not a fluffy beach read, but it was definitely worth my time.

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