Back At It

Look what I did yesterday!

Whaddup first five miler of my life! I ran it a little slower than I wanted to, especially the last two miles. I’ve actually run everything a little slower than I wanted to all week. Once again my training did not match the scheduled plan, which I think mades this past week the sixth week in a row I deviated from the plan. Also, I’ve been on the plan for six weeks. Whoops. Call me crazy, but jumping into running with a four miler after taking 11 days off while in Mexico sounded like a terrible idea, especially since I had run that distance a grand total of once before in my life. I took it easy with three on Monday, did an interval workout on Tuesday, ran a slow four on Wednesday, and cross trained on Friday.

The five miler on Saturday honestly was not as hard as I expected it to be. I’ve come to the realization that once I accept the fact that I’m going to be running for a long distance for a long time, I can do it without too many problems. Five miles still seems like an extremely long distance to me, and 53+ minutes also seems like an extremely long time, but it didn’t feel too long on either count when I was actually doing it.

Right now, I’m dealing with two major enthusiasm-killers for all this 10K training:

#1: Soreness. This is probably my own fault. I’ve never been much of a stretcher (I know, I know), but that’s mostly because I’ve never felt much of a need to stretch. In all my 5K training, I never experienced muscle soreness. Now, though. Whew. My calves have been sore on every run I’ve had since my interval run on March 20, so we’re looking at six runs on sore legs. That’s a lot. The soreness usually wears off as I go, but it’s still not the most enjoyable experience ever. I imagine this problem could easily be solved by taking the time to stretch when I finish running, which I did do today. Hopefully my legs will be feeling better tomorrow.

#2: Another slump. All of this week every workout has felt more like a chore than an enjoyable experience. Thursday was my favorite day all week because it was my rest day and I didn’t have to do anything. Having a week of disappointingly slow runs hasn’t helped matters, although I know my speed (or lack thereof) has a lot to do with the fat that I took 11 days off. Since this happened to me when I trained for my first 5K at the exact same point in my training, I’m not too concerned that I’m losing my love for running or anything like that. I’m confident that I’ll rebound, but right now it’s a bummer to not be very enthusiastic about spending all this time running.

On a completely different note, I went graduation dress shopping yesterday and had success!

Bahhhhhhh. I’m in love. Dress shopping is an extremely stressful experience for me because I’m not particularly proportional. Some parts of me are a medium, some parts of me are a small, some parts of me are an extra small, and while this is all fine and dandy when I’m buying separate pieces (pants, tops, etc.), it’s very problematic when I’m trying to find something that will fit my entire body. I am also one of the least fashion-forward people you will ever meet and at 21 years of age still feel pretty incompetent as far as dressing myself goes, so attempting to find something halfway fashionable that I don’t feel like a goon in is a pretty tall order. This was dress #8 that I tried on over the course of two separate shopping occasions, but I think it’s a winner.

However, I’ve now found myself in a bit of a dilemma. Between June and November, I have no less than four but up to six weddings to attend (right? All my friends are getting coasters as wedding gifts, if that. They might have to settle for a handmade card.). My original plan was to wear my graduation dress to as many of these weddings as possible…i.e.: all of them. But alas! My graduation dress is rather white. I’m now debating the social acceptability of wearing a relatively white dress to four to six weddings. I mean, we’ve already established that I have no fashion sense, so maybe I plead ignorance?

Know any good calf stretches? Or hip stretches? Or leg stretches in general?
More importantly: I’m soliciting any and all opinions on the dress and its appropriateness for weddings. Help me! 

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