La Frontera

I went to Mexico for my last spring break ever.

This was not my Mexico:


Neither was this:


This was my Mexico:

I spent my last spring break with ten other students from my school on the United States and Mexico border. We went to learn about immigration, border issues, and how those things affect our lives in the U.S.

I talked to migrants who had been deported from the United States that morning. I saw love so deep that it motivated people to leave absolutely everyone, everything, and everywhere they had ever known behind for the opportunity to make more than $10 per week.

We didn’t go to Mexico to come back with answers, and I definitely don’t have any. What I have now is greater knowledge and permanent memories. I saw a different reality in Mexico, but I saw striking similarities as well. I saw the same stars and planets I see at school. I sang the same songs (albeit with words in a different language). I saw the same emotions, the same desires, and the same passions that motivate people.

Want to have a discussion? Shoot me an e-mail, hit me up on Twitter, comment on this post. I’d love to talk to you about it.

We found love in a hopeless place.

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