Cross Fit: Countdown Workout

Ah, Cross Fit. Love to hate it.

When we did this Cross Fit workout in class, we did it as teams of four. Instead of personally accomplishing all the work in as little time as possible, we had to work together to complete everything. This meant someone was at each station the entire time. It also meant you needed to try to keep up with the person in front of you to avoid slowing the whole group down. I…may or may not have succeeded that that. Alas.

Personally, I found this workout to be WAY more challenging than Century Cross Fit, which is really saying something. My biggest problem with this workout was dying on the first circuit, which obviously made the following three circuits a bit of a struggle. If you’re looking for a quick way (just over 13 minutes in my group’s case) to feel thoroughly exhausted and reach unrivaled levels of agony, this is for you!

By way of disclaimer, this workout is not my creation and I in no way intend to take credit for it. I am simply sharing it because I found it to be a good workout.  I’m not a certified personal trainer by any stretch of the imagination, and you should always be sure that you’re capable of handling this sort of workout before attempting it. 

Start by doing 20 reps of each of the above exercises with no breaks in between, save for the time it takes to move from one exercise to the other. After completing that, do 15 reps of each exercise. 10 reps follows the 15, and for your last set do 5. Because this is a crossfit workout, we did all four sets in class with no rests in between. However, if form and safety start to be compromised, by all means feel free to catch your breath, because this is a doozy of a workout.

In case you’re not sure what these exercises look like:

Overhead Press
Lat Pulldown
Back Extensions or RDLs

Happy sweating!

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